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Thinking About the DCnU: Conclusion

July 12, 2011

Well, here we are at the end of my little series on the DCnU. This week, the solicitations are coming out for the second month of the DCnU, and we have at least one important bit of news. Huntress is still here, and she seems to still be Helena Bertinelli. Better yet, they’ve gone back to her costume with pants, making her perfectly still recognizable (far more so than a few characters) while less of a slut. That’s nice, especially since DC hasn’t entirely followed through on its promise to make its female characters’ costumes more practical. No skirts, yes. Less skimpy, arguable (except with Harley Quinn, the amazing psychopathic prostitute). Practical, no. Sandals for Black Canary? Far from practical. Starfire’s costume? A bit nicer, but still rather impractical, even though it fits her character. I mean, how do her boob covers even stay on? Madame Xanadu’s outfit? Gets Power Girl’s old boob window. And poor Harley Quinn. So yes, it’s nice to see that some, if not arguably most, of the female characters get more reasonable outfits. Admittedly, though, they’ve become a tad more standardized because of all of the elements that are now no-nos. Then again, all of the DCnU outfits are more standardized: more collars and more pointless lines. Oh yeah, and Penguin gets a miniseries. Who cares?

Hopefully, this week we’ll find out about other missing characters getting new series. The Marvel Family, the JSA, most of the Secret Six cast, Donna Troy, Wally West, Beast Boy, Raven, Ravager, Hawkgirl, etc., though a few of those may pop up in pre-existing series. On the whole, I do have to applaud DC for having the guts to go through something so paradigm-shifting. The only initiative of this scope and magnitude was DC’s own Crisis on Infinite Earths and the aftermath, which cleared up a ton of the confusing mess that was the Silver Age and paved the way for all of DC’s stories between then and now. But will that story be gone? Will so many great stories be gone? Again, that’s not unprecedented.

In the end, if DC manages to tell good stories, most of us can get over our indignation. Still, there’s only so many times that DC can revamp the wheel before people finally get fed up with having their emotional investment in these characters get tossed out because DC thinks that the characters still aren’t hip and modern enough. I’ve got a dozen or so books I’ll be buying once the revamp starts and a bunch more I plan to collect in trade paperback form. Thus far, DC’s managed to convince people to give this whole thing a chance. Let’s just see if they can follow through on their promises.

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