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Into the Tub

August 30, 2010

The battle between Angel Investigations and the soul eater continues in Angel #36.  Spike just doesn’t believe he doesn’t have a soul, but only he and Illyria are capable of fighting the soul eater and standing near here (indicating that he doesn’t have one, because she’d eat it if he did).  They blind the soul eater and tie her up while Laura Kay Weathermill gives Angel and Connor instructions for some kind of ritual.  They drag her into the bathroom and shove her into the bathtub while Laura has Angel slit Illyria’s throat.  A combination of this special acid, her blood, and the water in the bathtub will burn away the soul eater’s energy.  Then they just have to wait for her to starve to death.  Outside Angel Investigations’ HQ, the Sisterhood of Jaro Hull gets ready for what they call a bold move.  Spike insists on talking more about his soul, but when Desdemona gets too closs to the soul eater, the soul eater wakes up and eats her soul.  Just as she’s about to dine on Laura’s as well, Angel lops her head off.  Polyphemus, who was damaged in the scuffle, is alright, but Desdemona is dead.  And then the rest of the team notices that Connor is missing.  Elsewhere, social worker Anne Steele gets some help feeding the teenagers at her shelter from… Myresto Mor.  The jig is up pretty quickly, when everyone starts coughing.  Then a demon portal opens up, and Myr gets ready to turn Earth into his breeding farm.  Then, in the Eddie Hope backup, Eddie fights Gunn.  When the element of surprise wears off, Eddie quickly turns the tide and freezes Gunn.  Just as he’s about to kill Gunn, Angel and Spike show up.

Well, another one bites the dust.  I can’t say I’m too happy about Bill Willingham now completely getting rid Kelley Armstrong’s two additions to the team.  One’s dead, and one’s really a bad guy.  Okay, so  maybe Armstrong originally intended for Myr to be bad.  Still.  Most of the issue was just the fight with the big bath scene in the middle of it.  Oh yes, and Spike complaining about his soul the whole time.  Willingham very much hit a rocky spot when he was talking about evil Spike.  It’s a bit obvious that Spike continues to be the weak point in his characterization.  Which is odd, because aside from when Spike was comparing “normal” Spike to “evil” Spike, Willingham actually did pretty well with his characterization this issue.  It was good as a whole with just that part being particularly… off.  Oh, and it’s very obvious that the Sisterhood kidnapped Connor.  Anyway, Elena Casagrande’s art was pretty good.  Her eyeless soul eater looked a tad strange, and she wasn’t that good at drawing Desdemona about to change into her cat form.  Not that it matters anymore, but she looked like more of a catgirl than a shapeshifter.  The Eddie Hope backup is just really going on too long.  I mean, it did just get interesting again, but the fact that there’s so little of it after every month means that the plot never advances very far.  Besides, did anyone actually expect Gunn to be able to beat him?  I’ll be interested to see what Angel and Spike do, but I’m just saying.  Nice to see Brian Denham back, though.  He’s definitely the best artist this title has ever had.  Too bad he couldn’t do the main story.  So I have no idea how this is going to eventually get to the Wolfram & Hart final arc.  Still, Willingham is doing a good job, and it’s too bad his run has to be cut short.

Plot: 8.5      Art: 8.4      Dialogue: 8.5      Overall: 8.5

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