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Villains These Days

August 29, 2010

Another interesting kid movie I’ve seen recently was Despicable Me.  The premise is that the main character, Gru, is the world’s number one supervillain.  Or at least, he used to be, before someone stole the Great Pyramid of Giza.  To get his title back, Gru resolves to steal the moon, which is even bigger.  Unfortunately, the Bank of Evil refuses to give him a loan to pay for this venture unless he can prove he can do it.  He must get the shrink ray he needs to steal the moon himself.  Of course, Gru’s biggest problem is Vector, the villain who stole the pyramid, but his other problem is three young girls, Margo, Edith, and Agnes.  Gru adopts them from a local orphanage as part of a plan to get the shrink ray back when Vector takes it from him, but the girls quickly prove to be more than he bargained for.  So yes, this was a decently fun movie.  The plot with the girls really is very sweet, as Gru ultimately does grow into his role as adopted father.  Family stuff always gets to me like that.  But there were many missed opportunities.  We only saw two villains in the whole movie when there could have been more for more parody material.  Likewise, where were the superheroes?  You can’t have supervillains without superheroes.  And although the plot is decent, it just doesn’t catch you quite as much as Toy Story 3 does.  It’s not enough of a parody to be purely funny, but it’s not sweet enough to be purely heartwarming like Toy Story 3.  The acting is surprisingly boring.  Steve Carell never really does much with his random, pointless accent, and other characters just sound… flat.  Except the girls.  They sound fine.  And the animation is decent, but most of the characters are disproportionate.  And not in a cute way.  More like in a strange way.  And lastly, I never found Gru’s minions that cute.  Just annoying.  So this was a fun movie, but it’s definitely inferior to its contemporary, Toy Story 3.  This is a good time waster and popcorn movie, though, so if you’re bored on a weekend…

Story: 7.0      Animation: 8.2      Soundtrack: 7.2      Acting: 7.9      Overall: 7.2

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