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Oh Boy… Him

August 29, 2010

For some bizarre reason, the writers of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight decided to have a whole issue focusing on arguably the most boring main cast member of the original TV series: Riley Finn.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Riley is all about why Riley’s running around working for Twilight.  Seems Buffy approached him asking for his help in infiltrating Twilight’s organization, and Twilight just wanted him to join.  So the majority of this issue is him running around with his wife, Samantha Finn, dealing with a missile that’s mysteriously going fire, stopping the missile, and checking out where it was going to launch to while talking to Samantha about whether or not he should help Buffy.  he’s fine with that, but he wants to make it clear that Samantha can then run off to do stuff or the government.  All the while, Twilight, or Angel, chats with Whistler about not wanting to have to do all this stuff with all the deception, but having no choice.  Ultimately, the missile’s target coordinates lead to an island (and a second missile), where Twilight is waiting for Riley.  Riley decides to join up, but as a token of faith, Twilight has his cronies cut his symbol onto Riley’s chest.  End of story.  Again, Riley is the most boring of all of the cast.  So why does he get his own story?  I can’t say I much cared about him working for Twilight to begin with.  And I didn’t even remember he had gotten married in the actual TV series.  This whole issue is plagued by him and his wife being boring and Jane Espenson not even trying to get over that in her writing.  The best parts are when Angel is talking with Whistler, as it sheds some light on what he’s been doing.  Gives us some psychology.  Karl Moline is a pretty dang good stand-in for Georges Jeanty, but he’s not quite as good with making his chararcters look exactly as they did in the TV series.  Ultimately, this is a big waste of money.  It doesn’t explain much, aside from that Riley’s true loyalties lie with Buffy.  But you could just check the internet for that.

Plot: 3.3      Art: 8.6      Dialogue: 4.5      Overall: 3.9

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