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Not the Star Trek Series

August 29, 2010

And now, with DC Universe Legacies #4, we reach the era of sidekicks.  And yet, despite that being the supposed focus of the issue, there’s so much else being shoved in here that sidekicks and the Teen Titans barely figure for a few pages.  Instead, we get painful cameos from a bunch of characters, from Jack Ryder (later the Creeper), the Metal Men, the Doom Patrol, and onward. Partially due to the destruction of the Multiverse and what effect that had on the past of the DC Universe, the meeting of the two Flashes also has significantly less excitement than it originally did.  Both Superman and Batman act out of character (Superman acts a tiny bit arrogant in the fight with Toyman, and Batman keeps SMILING), and pretty much every single story has less weight than it originally did.  Everything is still spectacularly cheezy because it’s written by Len Wein.  Oh yes, and the story of Paul Lincoln has officially worn out its welcome.  I don’t care at all about him and his family, honestly.  Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez’s pencils are great, but they don’t redeem this painful script.  The Losers backup is better for once, as it seems so much more obvious that the writer has love for these characters.  And it’s also so obvious how much camaraderie the characters share.  It just feels… more natural.  Wein’s dialogue is still cheezy, but less so.  Joe Kubert’s pencils are great, but unfortunately, the colors are so pastely and bland that nothing pops out of the page.  I think that’s how it was in the original series, but it just doesn’t really work for me.  Anyway, this series really sucks.  I’m not sure if I even care enough to want to finish it.  There are parts of this when it just feels like I’m pulling my own teeth out as I read it.  Am I missing something, because really, it doesn’t seem like there’s much more to this series than Wein’s antiquated writing style.

Plot: 4.4      Artwork: 9.0      Dialogue: 3.9      Overall: 4.0

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