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Breaking and Entering

August 29, 2010

Justice League: Generation Lost #7 begins with a brief look at Maxwell Lord.  He’s talking to some mysterious person by computer about what sounds like the Creature Commandos when he starts shining white.  And then he gets his mission: to kill Magog.  Needless to say, he’s confused.  Back with Justice League International, Fire decides suddenly that it would be best to sneak into Checkmate headquarters to find Maxwell Lord.  There’s some machine inside that tracks everyone who’s in the complex, and she’s got a plan to get to it.  At Checkmate, some time later, things suddenly start shaking and blowing up, the comms and sensors are off, and Taleb Beni Khalid-Isr wants answers.  It’s Captain Atom bombarding them (and mostly deliberately missing) while the rest of the team dresses up like Rocket Reds and infiltrates, and Skeets scrambles communications.  Ice complains to Fire that they should have exhausted options with restoring people’s memories, but Fire points out that nothing was working, and talking about Max just made people mad.  Then, they wonder when it is Booster Gold became the leader just before a bunch of Checkmate guys find them and start firing.  So Rocket Red, Fire, and Ice start pouring on the communist screaming and fight back (without powers, since that would give Fire and Ice away).  Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, and Skeets sneak in through another route and find that tracking machine.  Rocket Red suddenly gets the brilliant idea to blast the floor open, since that machine is underneath them, and he, Fire, and Ice come tumbling down on top of Booster, Beetle, and Skeets.  Fire tries to find Max, but then Taleb comes in with much better armed Checkmate soldiers to stop them.

I have to admit, with this obviously silly of a plan, it’s rather hard to believe that the JLI could actually sneak into Checkmate headquarters.  You think they’re so stupid as to not be able to figure out that something’s up when the “attack” is so big and obvious?  And you think there wouldn’t be more defensive measures and precautions?  That’s a rather big stretch of the imagination, unless the next issue reveals that Checkmate let them in on purpose.  That said, this is still another fun issue of this series.  Now that it is perfectly clear that Keith Giffen actually had little to do with this book aside from artistic breakdowns, I have to praise Judd Winick for doing such a good job.  He’s made all these characters very interesting and fun (particularly Rocket Red), he’s made Booster take over rather naturally, and he’s told a dang good story.  I really am interested to find out what Max is doing in his secret little corner of Checkmate.  And I’m interested to see if he’ll figure out his mission as a White Lantern and how he’ll deal with that.  After all, Lord does want to stop out-of-control superhumans, and Magog fits that bill pretty well.  With Keith Giffen off artistic breakdowns, Joe Bennett has a little more leeway to try some different perspectives and whatnot.  Unfortunately, there are a few panels when things get worse, like Max’s lip when he goes all White Lantern, or Captain Atom’s cheek in the fist bump panel.  Bennet still does an amazing job, but I feel like things are a bit messier.  Anyway, I continue to enjoy this series immensely.  Now how will the team get out of this one?  Captain Atom maybe?

Plot: 8.0      Art: 8.8      Dialogue: 8.5      Overall: 8.4

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