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A Trail of Murders

August 7, 2010

Brightest Day #6 is largely a spotlight on the storyline of Martian Manhunter.  The issue begins with the strange Martian villain thing talking to itself.  Because it has a second mouth on it that keeps shifting its position and that seems to be another consciousness.  The being kills some innocents then decides to go pay the other person who has caught Jonn’s eye a visit.  Jonn visits Dr. Erdel’s laboratory in Denver, Colorado.  It’s overgrown, but as he touches some of the greenery, it dies.  Elsewhere, Dove thinks that the point of what the White Lantern has been doing with Deadman has been to get him to embrace life again.  The White Lantern mentions that Deadman loved cheeseburgers.  Then, a Black Lantern Hawk (Dove’s sister) pops out of her grave.  Deadman’s ring manifests a construct of the original Dove, and the Black Lantern is killed.  In fact, her grave was never disturbed; this was just a warning.  The ring then tells Boston to go eat a cheeseburger.  While walking around on his campus, Jason Rusch hears the strange voice again, and a nearby crane turns into bubble gum.  He forces Ronnie Raymond to join him and turn into Firestorm, but Ronnie is hung over.  They manage to save the day, but Ronnie still feels bad.  And he vomits black stuff up on the guy he saved.  Firestorm flies off, and he keeps hearing the voice.  He admits that he remembers what he did as a Black Lantern, and both he and Jason hear the voice.  Someone else is in the Firestorm Matrix.  Mera admits the truth to Aquaman: Xebel, her underwater world, is actually a penal colony filled with old Atlantean rebels, and it’s located in the Bermuda Triangle.  She was trained to be an assassin, and she was sent out to do her duty when there was a breach in Xebel’s barrier.  However, she fell in love with Aquaman, so she became happy.  That all changed when Black Manta killed their son.  Seems he knew about Xebel before.  And that other woman is Siren, Mera’s younger sister.  Jonn discovers that he doesn’t accidentally kill animal life as he picks up a squirrel.  He checks and makes sure that all of the White Martians in the Still Zone are still in stasis, and he gets some help from Oracle identifying a clear pattern in a series of murders going back to around when he arrived on Earth.  He feels like there’s something familiar about them, and he asks Oracle to contact Titans Tower.  He discovers that Miss Martian is on leave in Australia, but when he goes to visit her, he finds her badly injured and at least partially reverted to her White Martian form.

Well, that was probably the densest issue since Brightest Day #0.  The only plotline that didn’t get advanced at all was the Hawkman/Hawkgirl one.  Personally, I’m the most worried about that one, what with all of the animal people.  So I’m happy to see Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi focus on the other storylines.  Particularly Martian Manhunter’s, since he’s the person I’m happiest to see alive again.  There’s obviously something from his past connected to this monster, so it’ll be interesting to see where that goes.  I’ll also be happy to see Johns write Miss Martian again, since a lot of writers tend to make her way, way too bubbly and cute.  Her creator should do her justice.  The Deadman/Hawk and Dove storyline was kind of amusing with the cheeseburgers thing.  And it hints at what this whole thing is about with the “dead isn’t dead” comment.  I just hope that doesn’t mean that there are more resurrections in store.  The Firestorm story finally gets past its first hurtle, with both members of the Firestorm Matrix realizing that something is wrong.  This is the story that’s advanced the least, so it’s nice to see things finally get going.  Is it Black Lantern Firestorm who’s in there?  That would explain why Ronnie remembers everything.  And these two are such a great foil for each other.  I’m surprised no one thought of them being the Matrix together before.  The revelations about Mera certainly make Aquaman’s story a lot more serious.  I am a tad confused as to why Mera was selected as the assassin.  People don’t tend to pick women as assassins unless there’s seduction involved, and there wasn’t any hint of that in that exposition.  Still, the whole thing was very interesting, and it promises to enrich Aquaman’s story and past.  Aquaman does seem a bit less lame with each issue.  And obviously, this Siren is different from the Siren that fought against the Teen Titans.  Patrick Gleason, Ivan Reis, and Scott Clark do great work with each of their respective stories.  There are a few panels when Gleason’s little problems with human faces pop up, but he’s great otherwise.  They’re all superb artists, so this issue just looks great.  Well, this was one of, if not the best issue of Brightest Day thus far, and I hope future issues match its quality.

Plot: 9.2      Art: 9.2      Dialogue: 9.3      Overall: 9.2

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  1. August 17, 2010 4:33 am

    Nice review! I agree that the Firestorm plot is finally moving forward!

    The Irredeemable Shag

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