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Not Any Day

August 6, 2010

Oh good.  More of Felicia D. Henderson in Teen Titans #85.  Miss Martian wants to help her friends, but the good doctors won’t let her.  Aquagirl and Bombshell are getting digested, and Superboy finally finds Raven thanks to Static’s help.  Miss Martian convinces the doctors to try out this experimental machine to let her help the rest of the team while Superboy, Static, Kid Flash, Beast Boy, and Wonder Girl fight some trees.  They find where Raven is, but they get blasted by these fire geysers and knocked off in different directions.  Miss Martian puts on the mind-amplifying helmet the doctors devised, but the Wyld takes control of her and the doctors.  Then, in the Coven of Three backup, Black Alice fights Traci 13, wanting to protect this new world.  When Traci nearly kills both Alice and Zatara, she realizes she’s gone overboard.  She convinces the two of them that they at least need to find out what’s going on.  Using some kind of powerful knowledge spell, they find the Demons Three.  The Demons explain that they are simply borrowing their powers to free themselves and helping them with this new world in the process.  However, they tell the three that if one person wants to cancel the wish, it is canceled for everyone.  Alice steals Traci’s powers, not wanting to lose the happiness she has found, and she leaves.  The Demons Three, forced to tell the truth by the spell, explain that their avatars must be broken together if the spell is to be ended.  And they have three hours or so left.

Absolutely nothing new for me to say here.  I’ll admit that Felicia D. Henderson’s scene changes are getting less jerky, and her dialogue flows a bit better.  A bit.  I mean, that whole stupid thing with the “not today,” the Superboy and Wonder Girl exchange with Superboy being whipped…  Blech.  She really just does not know how to write good dialogue.  Oh yes, and we haven’t even seen the Wyld again yet, three parts into a five part story.  The team has just been fighting random evils in this world.  And don’t forget the sea serpent.  All because Bombshell liked a cute fish.  Seriously.  The concept is okay, but because it’s Henderson, the execution is terrible.  José Luis’ pencils are fine, but alas, this book is just too bad.  The Rex Ogle and Ted Naifeh Coven of Three backup is decently interesting.  At least in terms of Black Alice.  I don’t really know Traci 13 that well, so I’m not sure if this is in line with her normal behavior.  Zatara seems a lot more… passive than you would expect.  He was a lot more arrogant than this last time we saw him.  Even still, and even though Naifeh’s faces are sometimes flat or oddly shaped, it’s still a lot better than the main story.  I am sad to hear that a lot of characters will be leaving the Titans for the upcoming J.T. Krul and Nicola Scott run.  Particularly Miss Martian and Static, the latter of whom is getting an ongoing series by Henderson.  Goodness no.  The guy doesn’t to have his character ruined any more than it already has been.  But the more I hear about Krul’s run, even though he is doing some strange work in the Green Arrow family, the more excited I get.  Just two more issues!

Plot: 4.0      Art: 8.8      Dialogue: 3.5      Overall: 3.7

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