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I Can Haz Godz

August 3, 2010

Amadeus Cho and Thor’s quest to save their good friend Hercules continues in Heroic Age: Prince of Power #3, rather prominently features the goddess Sekhmet. Sekhmet is pissed, and she and her chained demon Apep try to kill Cho and Thor.  Cho takes advantage of her bloodlust to lure her away with the heart of a dead man, and he and Thor hop on Ra’s funeral barge to escape.  However, Sekhmet and Apep chase them down the river as they smash through a door into Duat, the Egyptian land of the dead.  Elsewhere, Delphyne suits up to take out the Pantheon goons in the Olympus Group building.  She slaughters a whole group of them (they try to use infrared to find a snake woman), but she gets trapped in by lockdown.  So Athena convinces her to that they need to work together.  Cho and Thor run through the streets of Duat, with Sekhmet hot on their tails.  To beat her, Cho synthesizes a Mickey Finn, which transforms her into Hathor, goddess of love.  Who talks like a lolcat.  However, when Cho and Thor try to retrieve the Book of Thoth, they find that it is simply an illusion.  In Egypt, Vali Halfling and his Pantheon goons retrieve the real book from the normal world tomb of Prince Neferkaptah.

Seriously.  Cho spiked some beer, and drinking that turned Sekhmet into a lolcat goddess.  Absolutely priceless.  Greg Pak and Fred van Lente, ladies and gentlemen.  Under so many other circumstances, that could be spectacularly stupid.  But again, it’s these guys, so it’s brilliant.  And they once again demonstrate their knowledge of mythology with Anubis’ court, Apep, Ra’s barge, and Duat.  They just do so well adapting all of these classic mythological concepts to Marvel Comics.  And may I say that, as silly as Delphyne’s gearing up montage was, she is truly bad-ass?  Again, more instant Pak and van Lente classics.  Reilly Brown does a great job with all of his sequences, particularly with Sekhmet.  Not only did she have an absolutely bad-ass design, but the contrast between her and Hathor was just awesome.  I mean, did that cuddly cat goddess with the red dress make you think of the bloodied, sickle-wielding, axe-crazy lion goddess from a couple of panels before?  No it didn’t!  Zach Howard also did a very good job with all of the Delphyne/Athena scenes.  It took me a while to even realize that the artist at that point wasn’t Brown.  His characters tend to be a tad wrinklier, but that realism is a stylistic choice.  And considering how old-looking Athena now is, it’s  one that makes sense.  So we’ve got the miniseries Chaos War coming up that will end all of the Incredible Hercules storylines.  I’m sad since that probably means Herc and Cho won’t be getting their ongoing series back, but at least Pak and van Lente get to finish their story.  It’s been a fun ride, and I’ll be happy to see Hercules back.

Plot: 8.9      Art: 9.0      Dialogue: 9.1      Overall: 9.0

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