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A Ridiculous Premise

July 27, 2010

Of course, a lot of stories require a certain suspension of belief.  I can understand that.  And anime often comes up with some of the craziest ideas.  But Weiss Kreuz kind of takes the cake.  Yeah, it did bring together the Weiss quartet of Koyasu Takehito, Seki Tomokazu, Miki Shinichiro, and Yuuki Hiro, but just listen.  So, there’s this organization called Kritiker that was formed to get information on and eliminate evil people who are beyond the law’s ability to deal with.  And Weiss is the actual assassination group that works under Kritiker.  It’s four extremely good-looking guys who work as florists by day and kill “dark beasts” in the night.  So this anime is all about the four of them, Aya, Youji, Ken, and Omi, fighting off the bad guys while finding out the truth about Omi’s past, dealing with Aya’s vengeance issues, and facing off against their dark counterparts, Schwartz, and their female counterparts, Schreient.  You know, because these murderers wipe off the blood on their hands with roses.  And they all have cat codenames for no apparent reason.  In fact, aside from their leader, Persia, they almost never even use their codenames.  There’s also the ridiculousness of some of the plots they foil.  A health drink that rots muscles, genetic experimentation, a Fight Club ripoff…  This version of Tokyo is just full of strange monsters.  So the story’s silly, and the characters are all messed up.  Of course, why would a disgraced soccer player become an assassin?  Again, silly.  The story never even has a satisfying conclusion with Schwartz and their true motives, and subsequent stories (Weiss Kreuz Gluhen) stray further and further from the original concept.  Sure, it’s supposed to be about a darker form of justice and all that, but the fact that these hunters are bishounen is really distracting.

Of course, the voice acting is great.  Aside from Yuuki Hiro.  I’m sorry, but he just sounds too wimpy as Omi.  The music isn’t that great, and the animation is pretty bad, even for the time.  As a whole package, this franchise is decently entertaining.  But it only has this great position in fandom for two reasons: bishounen, and the Weiss quartet of seiyuu.  And Yuuki Hiro doesn’t even do that much work.  So it did occupy a decent amount of my time, to be sure, but Weiss Kreuz sure isn’t that interesting.  It’s not thought provoking, it’s not deep, it’s not emotionally involving, and oh yes, the characters are running around with darts, swords, wire, and claws instead of guns.  That makes sense.  Schwartz was pretty cool and messed up, but how are they clairvoyant, telepathic, and telekinetic anyway?  I’d say the only reason to watch this is to say that you have, since it’s so famous.  Otherwise, you’re not missing much.  It’s a bit entertaining, but it’s certainly not going to get on anyone’s favorite list.  Unless you just love violent bishounen.  In which case… why haven’t you watched this already?

Story: 4.0      Animation: 5.9      Soundtrack: 6.2      Acting: 9.0      Overall: 5.2

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