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Screwing Like Rabbits

July 20, 2010

Angel #34 continues the subplot that Bill Willingham first brought up in his first arc: Illyria’s ready to make babies, and she wants to have them with Connor.  Having gotten “approval” from Angel, she goes into Connor’s room.  Of course, the truth is that Angel left it up to Connor whether or not he wanted to.  Connor doesn’t want to, but suddenly, he does.  In another room in the building, Spike talks to Laura Kay Weathermill, wanting to learn more about the Shanshu Prophecy.  Laura just wants to rest and keeps trying to get him to leave, but Spike keeps talking.  Elsewhere, one of those warrior demons talks to their leader about some kind of competition.  Back at the Angel Investigations building, Kate Lockley comes in to talk to Angel about Jamaerah and Connor.  But suddenly, she’s taking off her clothes.  And she wants to have some alone time with Angel.  And Angel says, why the hell not?  And also suddenly, Spike is just wearing his underwear, and he wants to have sex with Laura.  Laura also suddenly starts to get interested, despite her injuries.  Then, Desdemona walks in on Angel and Kate, and she decides to join in.  Betta George and Polyphemus can’t help but notice all the sex going on, and George points out that it’s because of pheromones Illyria’s putting out because she’s in heat.  Connor’ s worried that he’s not ready to be a father, and as he delays, Illyria suddenly goes out of prime mating mode.  So she, leaves, and everyone snaps out of their sex craze.  Elsewhere, the soul eater eats the soul of some poor schmuck who hired Angel Investigations before but is skimping out on the payment.  Seems she has a plan.  Then, in the Eddie Hope backup, Eddie continually accuses Charles Gunn of all of the things he did when they were in hell.  Eventually, Eddie just decides to stop playing around with trying to get Gunn admit his sins, and he offers him a choice between a stake and a bullet.  Gunn doesn’t choose, but Eddie eventually goes with the bullet.

Well, that was an amusing episode.  Okay, so Kate and Angel make a bit of sense as a pair.  The rest of the pairings were totally random and strange, and that’s what made them really funny.  Particularly Spike and the currently invalid Laura.  And all the while, Willingham is advancing other subplots.  We’ve got that band of warrior demon women, and we begin to gt to see what they’re really up to.  And then we’ve got the soul eater, Myresto Mor’s (Jamaerah’s) servant, getting ready for her attack on the team.  Managing to juggle multiple subplots in the middle of an interlude is the mark of a good writer.  Of course, this is the guy who writes Fables, so it’s no wonder that he’s good.  Willingham still struggles a bit with Spike’s voice.  Spike isn’t quite… bad-ass and snarky enough.  I mean, he’s snarky, but not quite the right kind of snarky.  But at this point, I’d say that’s Willingham’s only writing problem.  Elena Casagrande definitely isn’t Brian Denham, but she’s pretty dang close.  She mimics his style close enough that you almost can’t tell that there’s a different artist.  I always appreciate attempts at keeping artistic continuity, especially when they work.  Again, she’s slightly less detailed, but she’s still pretty dang good.  She also does a perfect job mimicking David Messina’s style in the Eddie Hope backup.  Maybe that’s due to the two different colorists she has, but she still has to take some of the credit.  Unfortunately, I’m still finding the Eddie backup a tad slow at this point.  I’d really like to know more about Eddie at this point, but Bill Williams is still just focusing on the coolness of Eddie himself and what he’s doing.  I would like a little more by now.  So no, this wasn’t a shocking new story.  But something this silly almost feels more like the original show than some of the other story arcs  I’m just glad that Angel finally gets a good writer.  I hope Willingham stays here for quite a long while.

Plot: 8.4      Art: 8.6      Dialogue: 8.8      Overall: 8.2

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