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The Pain Continues

July 16, 2010

That’s right, Felicia D. Henderson’s run on Teen Titans is still going.  Teen Titans #84 is part two of her five-part “odyssey” to end her run on the book.  Oh boy.  So, one of the doctors takes Aquagirl and Bombshell to open the portal, and the other one takes Kid Flash, Superboy, Wonder Girl, Static, and Beast Boy to where the portal will open up.  Aquagirl stabs the big shiny light, opening the portal for the other team.  Wonder Girl’s team then faces odd danger after odd danger, from random quicksand to living, bloodthirsty tumbleweeds.  That’s right, you heard me.  Back in the ocean, Aquagirl and Bombshell bond.  They have to chase the keyhole when it moves, and Bombshell gets distracted because she wants to save a cute little fish.  To figure out where Raven is, Static comes up with some idea involving radio waves, which Kid Flash boosts, and Superboy listens to.  But then, they get zapped when they try to project those waves across the whole dimension.  And Miss Martian comes running in to tell the doctors that the Titans need her help.  Then, in the Coven of Three backup, Traci 13 wakes up to find that she is ruler of Metropolis and some kind of magical goddess, Zatara wakes up to find himself a husband and a father, and Black Alice wakes up to find herself with two perfectly normal and healthy parents.  Traci 13 notices that something’s wrong, and she manages to enlist Zatara’s help.  Alice, however, isn’t interested in going back to the way things were, and when Traci tries to change her mind, Alice decides to fight her to protect her happiness.

As if I haven’t heaped enough criticism on this title.  I’ll admit that Henderson’s latest issue has slightly less cringe-worthy dialogue and slightly less awkward scene transitions.  So she’s improving as a writer.  However, she never should have had this assignment in the first place.  And what is with that crap with Bombshell and the fish?  She’s willing to go beat up an octopus to save a cute fish?  Definitely out of character.  A poor attempt to make her more sympathetic.  And I think we’re all more than exasperated with the forced conflict between Superboy and Wonder Girl.  It’s not giving the book any drama.  Of course, the art is fine.  José Luis is another fine artist stuck with a really crappy writer on this book.  It’s happened over and over.  Rex Ogle and Ted Naifeh’s Coven backup is fine, if not terribly exciting.  It’s an interesting idea that showcases three of DC’s biggest magical teenagers.  It’s just not that exciting, and Naifeh’s art isn’t particularly good.  His characters sometimes look far too two-dimensional.  I know, this is a comic book, but really good artists make their characters pop off the page.  Now, the new Teen Titans creative team has been completely announced: J.T. Krul and Nicola Scott.  I’m well aware that Krul’s work on Green Arrow and Red Arrow (no, he’s not Arsenal, he’s Red Arrow, period) has been rather ridiculous and violent.  But his fill-in work for Teen Titans (the main book) wasn’t that bad.  At least he got Ravager down very well.  And based on Nicola Scott’s covers, Ravager’s coming back!  YAY!  I miss her so much.  She kicks so much ass.  Nicola Scott’s art is just beautiful, and I think she’s a great choice for this book.  The team looks thus far to be Superboy, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Ravager, Beast Boy, Raven, and Robin.  That would be Damian Wayne.  That should be interesting.  I do want to see Tim Drake back eventually as Red Robin on the team, but Damian will shake up their relationships.  Also confused why Wonder Girl’s having a wardrobe reversion.  Huh.  I do wonder what’s going to happen to Aquagirl, Bombshell, Miss Martian, and Static, though.  I like all of them (just not how they’re being written now), especially Miss Martian, so I hope at least a few of them stay.  Blue Beetle’s obviously busy in Justice League: Generation Lost, so that’s where he is.  So back to the waiting game.  A hopefully good run on this book is in sight.

Plot: 3.9      Art: 8.8      Dialogue: 3.2      Overall: 3.5

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