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The Main Man

July 16, 2010

Green Lantern #55 sees the fledgling New Guardians, currently only four members strong, face off against Lobo, who’s on Earth to collect a bounty on Atrocitus’ head.  In the prologue, the Spectre tries to track the Butcher.  In the main story, Hal Jordan, Carol Ferris, and Sinestro reluctantly agree to help Atrocitus’ based on the White Lantern’s opinion.  Atrocitus explains that he is looking for the Butcher to save it from the being that is collecting the entities.  Just then, we see said being floating above Las Vegas.  Dex-Starr also fights Lobo’s dog and manages to win rather handily.  When Hal makes it clear that he’s with Atrocitus, Lobo rather suddenly agrees to leave.  Hal tells Carol that if the Guardians of the Universe don’t like them working together, then they can shove it.  Later, Atrocitus pets Dex-Starr and thanks Lobo for putting on the show to get the other Guardians to work with him.  And Lobo takes a look at his reward, a shiny red ring.  Then, in the backup story, we see Dex-Starr’s origin.  He was a seemingly normal cat on Earth (yet with blue fur) who was abandoned, then adopted by a lonely woman.  The woman and Dex-Starr bonded very much, so Dex-Starr was crushed when the woman was killed by a burglar, and he was unable to save her.  He got shoved in a bag by some jerks and tossed off the Brooklyn Bridge, but in midair, a red ring flew to him (calling him Dex-Starr).  He killed the two guys who bagged him and cried by himself, swearing to avenge his owner.

Well, let’s be honest.  This wasn’t the most plot heavy of issues.  It was mostly a battle royale between Lobo and the New Guardians.  Now, to be sure, it was a great fight.  Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke made the fight really exciting.  Johns came up with some awesome constructs for Mahnke to draw, and Mahnke did a great job with them and basically all of the action.  It was definitely not wanting in coolness.  Plus, even though I’m not that big a fan of Lobo, Johns did a good job with him.  I especially liked all of the stuff he said about some god eating a rainbow and throwing up across the universe.  Leave it to Lobo to comment on the ridiculousness of the multi-colored corps.  Plus, we now have a potential new Red Lantern in the future.  And Dex-Starr continues to rocket to fame.  Not only was he awesome in the main story, but his origin story was just so sad.  As a cat person, I just thought that whole story was really touching.  Plus it indicates that Dex-Starr is likely not just some oddly colored Earth cat.  Rings normally call people by their true names, so considering that and his fur color, he may be something more.  Then again, it said that his home planet was Earth, so maybe he is just a strangely colored cat.  I don’t know.  But Shane Davis did a great job with the most popular of his Red Lantern creations.  That panel when Dex-Starr was crying was so sad to look at.  So yeah, this didn’t advance the plot much beyond Atrocitus getting ingratiated with the rest of the New Guardians.  But it was a nice violent interlude before we get into some entity-heavy plot stuff.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Plot: 8.9      Art: 9.3      Dialogue: 9.2      Overall: 9.2

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