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Bad Times in Okinawa

June 29, 2010

Digimon Tamers got two movies, both of which are as short as you’d expect for a Japanese anime movie.  The first was Digimon Tamers: Battle of Adventurers, which takes place at some unspecified time before the Tamers travel to the Digital World.  Matsuda Takato is off to Okinawa to visit his family, including his cousin Kai, and Guilmon and Calumon come along for the ride.  Li Jianliang and Terriermon also go on the plane with him, as they’re going to visit some offshore ruins.  Although this seems like an innocent trip, a Mephistomon has realized into the real world, and it has some dark, sinister plan.  Mysterious Digimon keep attacking in Tokyo and chasing after a girl named Uehara Minami.  When she gets her own partner Digimon, Seasarmon, it becomes obvious that she too has a role to fulfill.  But what role does the new toy sensation, the V-Pet, play in all this?

One of the things I missed about older Digimon series was purely evil Digimon, and Mephistomon is definitely just that.  Plus, he’s voiced by Kosugi Juurouta, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite seiyuu.  He instills a great sense of evil and power in Mephistomon that makes him an interesting villain.  And Kai is an intriguing supporting character, as someone who does not get a Digimon but who helps bring another perspective to the story.  Overall, the story is actually pretty interesting for a Digimon movie, kind of like Digimon Adventure: Our War Game!  Both involve an evil Digimon coming to the real world under strange circumstances.  The animation is a tad better than the anime, but only a tad.  As for the voice acting, it’s just the same as in the series.  Guilmon is still annoying and odd-sounding, and basicaly everyone else is still good.  Oh yes, but Kosugi Juurouta is awesome.  So despite it being really short, it’s a nice companion for the series.  And it’s canon, since Kai shows up later and already knows Guilmon, so fans of the series should definitely check it out.

Story: 8.2      Animation: 9.1      Soundtrack: 7.9      Acting: 9.0      Overall: 8.4

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