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June 26, 2010

So, we now continue Marvel’s current superhero anthology with Age of Heroes #2.  It starts off with a Gravity story bridging his previous story to where he’s going with Young Allies.  He’s decided to quit the superhero business, and he’s heading off for New York City again to do… something.  It’s not clear.  On the way, somewhere near Cleveland, he sees a giant explosion.  Turns out it’s Radioactive Man’s evil son, Warhead, one of the cleverly named Bastards of Evil.  Gravity ends up underestimating Warhead’s blood lust, and some civilians get cooked.  He does end up beating Warhead, and the incident makes him realize that he can’t quit.  In the second story, Norah Winters tries to write a story about bumping into American Son killing a monster rampaging in New York City.  He never took off his mask, so we don’t know if it’s Harry Osborn, yet that seems most likely.  Ben Urich won’t run the story because Spider-Man by himself isn’t a good enough source, so Norah decides to do some more research.  Then, the Young Masters of Evil worry about their morality choices and whatnot before seeing Thor fly by.  Lastly, the Gauntlet returns to Afghanistan to serve in the army, and he claims that the real heroes are the soldiers, not superheroes.

Meh.  That’s all I can say.  Meh.  None of these stories really excited me, especially since the only one I’ve really read about before was the Gauntlet with his involvement in Avengers: The Initiative.  I’m getting really tired of all these things leading into Young Allies, between this, the full page ads, and the Nomad backup.  I get that Sean McKeever is trying to promote his new series, but it’s getting to be too much.  There’s also the question of why Gravity’s heading back to New York, which is never answered.  And Warhead isn’t much more interesting than any of the new, more violent supervillains that have been popping up for the past, I don’t know, twenty plus years.  Then, I stopped reading Amazing Spider-Man before American Son happened or before Norah Winters became important, so the only reason that was interesting was because of the idea of Harry trying to redeem himself.  But considering the general quality of Spider-Man for the past few years, I’m still not interested.  This story wasn’t that exciting either.  Then, the Young Masters of Evil story was so short that I can barely get a grip on who they are.  They seem to be a bunch of poseur heroes/villains, nothing more.  And the Gauntlet story was mildly nauseating.  Yes, I get that we’re supposed to respect and honor our troops.  But that last line was just so ridiculously cheezy.  I mean, the art, by David Baldeón, Mark Brooks, and Ty Templeton, was decent enough.  Chad Hardin’s work was rather boring, fitting the general lack of excitement in this whole issue.  But I just feel like this issue wasn’t up to the same standards as the last one, partially because there wasn’t a single major character to pull a lot of the weight of the issue.  So whatever.  Maybe issue three will be better.

Plot: 6.7      Art: 8.3      Dialogue: 6.3      Overall: 6.7

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