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Great Legacies

June 25, 2010

The Heroic Age comes to the pages of Captain America as well in Captain America #606.  Shortly after Steve Rogers came to power, the Ghost bumped into Baron Helmut Zemo, who wished that the previous order had not been overthrown.  Then, the Ghost had the pleasure of informing Zemo who the new Cap is.  Today, Falcon talks to Steve Rogers about Bucky Barnes, who has been acting a lot more reckless since his fight with Bad Cap.  He ended up botching a fight with the Wrecking Crew, and Falcon had to stop fighting to help him.  Steve agrees to help talk some sense into Bucky.  Bucky has bad dreams about Bad Cap, and when he wakes up, the Black Widow is gone, off for some Secret Avengers business, so he goes off to exercise and try to get his head back in the game.  In another flashback, Zemo and the Fixer headed to Exile Island, and Zemo beat up Iron Hand Hauptmann to get him to acknowledge his debt to Zemo’s father and help him out.  Steve and Falcon have their talk with Bucky, who insists that he’s okay.  After he apologizes to Falcon, Steve leaves.  Bucky starts acting really drunk, despite only having two beers, and Falcon offers to take him home.  However, Bucky realizes he’s drugged, and before he gets the chance to warn Falcon, his bike explodes, and Falcon is badly injured.  Then, in a final flashback, Zemo broke into the mental institution holding Sin.  Then, he asked Sin everything she knew about Bucky Barnes because he wanted to destroy him.  Of course Sin, who now looks rather similar to her father, was thrilled at the idea.  Then, in the continuing Nomad backup, Nomad goes to school.  Unfortunately, she only has a few clothes, and the comments of her peers are embarrassing her.  She asks for some work at the soup kitchen, but they’re strictly volunteer.  Someone eating there offers to give her work, and she cleans up his house.  Seems he had a daughter her age, and he’s also offering her clothes.  However, when she goes into the basement to get them, he locks the door.  Before, Nomad had noticed a smell in the soup kitchen.  Seems the smell was actually coming from here, as it is on the same block.

I think it’s a perfect idea to have Zemo and Bucky face off in the Heroic Age.  First of all, Zemo does indeed operate in shades of gray, and his comments relating to Dark Reign and the Heroic Age are perfect for relating that.  Plus, they’re like dark opposites.  Of course, Zemo is a character who’s been operating in the modern Marvel Universe for much longer than Bucky, so he has all these great connections.  Already, he’s meeting with one of his former Thunderbolts teammates, one of his dad’s old allies, and Sin, the other major legacy Cap villain.  Now, it’s interesting to see Bucky with this guilt about killing Bad Cap, but that story arc was, thus far, Ed Brubaker’s worst work on Captain America.  So it’s unfortunate that we still have this thread remaining from that story.  It does make perfect sense story-wise, but it’s still an unfortunate choice.  Again, though, Brubaker has never failed on this title, so I’m sure that it’ll work out in the end.  Butch Guice is taking over for Luke Ross on pencils, and as usual with this title, you can barely tell that Ross even left.  Guice manages to change his style enough to mimic Ross’ (and Ross did a bit of the same) so that there’s almost perfect artistic continuity.  Unfortunately, with this arc, the heavy reds and blues of colorist Dean White aren’t quite as nice as in the last one.  Thunderball and Bulldozer’s colors are far too red rather than yellow and green.  When it’s nighttime, White’s coloring is perfect.  But in day, with characters other than both Caps and Falcon, they don’t work as well.  And that is really bringing Guice’s work down.  Anyway, I’m excited to see Zemo’s return finally after having been absent since Civil War.  He’s a great villain, and I’m sure Brubaker will work wonders with him.  As for the Nomad backup, I have no idea why it’s still going, considering the character’s involvement in Young Allies.  I still don’t really care about her much (despite the fact that I liked her back in her original stuff in Heroes Reborn), possibly because of my strong bias against Sean McKeever.  David Baldeón’s pencils are still fine, but I’m just not into the story.  I hope this backup ends soon, since its ending is long overdue.

Plot: 9.2      Art: 8.7      Dialogue: 9.0      Overall: 9.0

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