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True Allegiances

June 23, 2010

After the vampire-staking whirlwind of the last arc, Angel #33 is a nice, calm rest before the next big thing comes along.  At least, that’s what you might expect.  Laura Kay Weathermill is getting to know the members of Angel Investigations as the new intelligence officer, but when she brings in Jamaerah, she, as an expert on angels, calls him a fraud.  He drops his act and tosses her out a window.  He then goes out to start beating the crap out of Angel.  All the while, we get as narration a letter from him (his real name is Myresto Mor, and he’s some powerful demonic lord) to his sister, Rowant Mor.  His sister was offering him Earth in what he claims is a ridiculously unbalanced trade, as it’s only really fit for demonic breeding grounds.  As he tears off each of Angel’s limbs, he continues in his letter to refuse his sisters offer, saying that he’s still interested and inviting some haggling.  Then, we go to his sister, a rather interesting, if humanoid, demon who’s smoking something.  She tells Myr that he really does want Earth and that he’s just downplaying his desire.  So now, she says that the price has gone up.  She also points out that he’s interested in Angelus for various reasons, including all the prophecies around him.  Back on Earth, Angel recovers, and Kate Lockley takes off the bandages so his limbs can regrow.  Seems that lost vampire appendages didn’t dust in the past.  Or rather, they did in the very ancient past, and something’s regressing.  Polyphemus offers up as a possibility that something old and powerful is returning (likely Myr).  Rowant says that while she’s happy that Angel’s group has taken out some powerful enemies, she thinks they should be taken out.  Angel swears to attack Jamaerah, and Myr takes up his sister’s new offer.  He summons a soul eater from someone’s body, and he offers to her the souls of Angel and Spike, saying that she will indeed now take out Angel.  Then, in the Eddie Hope backup, Eddie sees Gunn in a diner.  Although Gunn was not originally on Eddie’s list, Eddie believes that he deserves to be punished for what he did in Hell and attacks Gunn shortly after he leaves.

I’m not sure at all how this fits with Kelley Armstrong’s arc just after Angel: After the Fall.  Not at all.  If all this is true, then that whole thing would have had to have been a massive ruse on Jamaerah’s part just to get him ingratiated with Angel Investigations.  While I think that this is definitely an improvement on Jamaerah as a character, there’s that major continuity block there.  He and his sister have a very Glorificus kind of vibe, and I’m interested to see more other demons from other dimensions.  I’m also curious as to how they fit in with the First Evil, if they were also spawned from him.  At any rate, I think it’s clear now that Myr will be the Big Bad of Bill Willingham’s story on Angel.  Considering that Wolfram & Hart are still out there, and they’re supposed to be the Big Bads of Angel in general, I’m not sure how that’ll fit.  Still, this is an interesting concept.  And that soul eater looks nice and creepy.  Likewise interested.  Although Elena Casagrande isn’t Brian Denham, her art is close enough in style and quality that I can’t complain much.  It’s only slightly more cartoonish, and it really is quite technically sound.  My main complaint is that she doesn’t draw the characters as close to their original actors as Denham did.  But again, her work is good enough that I don’t mind.  The Eddie Hope story has, unfortunately, officially overstayed its welcome.  We still don’t know much about Eddie really, and although I appreciate him bumping into Gunn, I think he should be folded in some way into the main story.  As a recurring supporting character or something.  And Elena, who also does the backup, actually fits it artistically even better.  She really mimics David Messina’s work, to the point that I couldn’t even tell that it wasn’t Messina.  And she draws Gunn very well, even if in that one panel his eyes are crossed.  Anyway, even though the Eddie Hope backup isn’t as interesting, Angel itself continues to be better.  Bill Willingham has actually made this book a good extension of the original show.

Plot: 8.8      Art: 8.5      Dialogue: 8.9      Overall: 8.7

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