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Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead!

June 17, 2010

Siege is over, and it’s time to mourn the death of the most biggest loss of the battle.  Ares.  No?  Not Ares?  Then surely Loki.  No?  Then who?  The Sentry?  You’re pulling my leg.  Really?  Oh, oh wait.  You’re serious.  So yeah, we’re celebrating the life… of the Sentry.  In The Sentry: Fallen Sun #1.  Wait, so there are people who aren’t happy he’s dead?  Apparently so.  So, the Scout, Sentry’s old sidekick, and Watchdog, the Sentry’s… superpowered dog, wait at his gravestone.  There was no funeral, but a few people, including the Fantastic Four, Dr. Strange, Daredevil, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Cyclops, Emma Frost, and Rogue come to mourn his death.  Each of them remembers him as a true hero, particularly the Thing, who claims that the Sentry was a better man than him for not wanting to kill, and that’s why he hated him.  Rogue, it seems, also slept with him, since the Sentry didn’t die or anything when she touched him.  Thor also goes off and dances with the Sentry’s mom, with whom he danced at the Sentry’s wedding, to inform her of her son’s death.  Of course, as his “best friend,” Mr. Fantastic says his piece final, saying that he was the best of them.

You know, I know that Paul Jenkins was the Sentry’s creator and all.  I know he obviously liked the character.  But did he actually read anything that the Sentry’s been in that he didn’t write?  Especially Dark Avengers and Siege?  The Sentry was a freaking druggie lunatic, not a saint.  This whole thing feels more like a eulogy to the death of his original character concept, rather than to the character himself.  And god, could that crap with the Thing be any dopier?  The Thing is one of the characters considered the conscience of the superhero community.  Did Jenkins have to degrade him just to make the Sentry seem high and mighty?  Then, of course, there’s poor Rogue, who’s reduced to being nothing but one of the Sentry’s flings.  Way to shove him into another character’s personal history.  Then, naturally, there’s that obnoxious hook with Cloc, indicating that the Sentry could come back one day.  NO ONE wants him to come back.  Except Jenkins.  Seriously.  Sure, Tom Raney’s art is fine.  Tom Raney’s a great artist.  But his art can’t salvage the fact that this “epilogue” basically had nothing to do with Siege aside from the common thread that the Sentry died and got tossed in the sun.  Not even a single mention of the Void, aside from saying that the Sentry fought mentally against it with all his might.  You’re forgetting the part when he LOST.  I’m glad to see him, one of the crappiest characters introduced into comics in the last decade, dead and gone.  Hopefully, we’ll forget that he ever existed and only remember him when we have to, like with his involvement in Siege.  But my goodness, did I waste money on this.

Plot: 3.3      Art: 8.7      Dialogue: 5.9      Overall: 3.8

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