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Not Going to Waste Wit on This

May 10, 2010

     Once again, I love it when covers are completely different from the ones that are solicited.  Anyway, it’s Teen Titans #82.  The team fits Holocaust for basically the whole issue, because apparently, when the Milestone Comics universe got merged into the DC Universe, Holocaust went from being just a pyrokinetic to being one of the most durable and toughest villains around.  For a short while, it looks like Holocaust has killed the whole team, minus Superboy and Kid Flash, having absolutely annihilated the building they were in.  But they’re all fine, and Kid Flash sends him spiraling down to the Earth’s core, which should hold him for a time (how nice of him).  Static meets with Frieda Goren (whose name they misspelled), who’s glad to have him back, whereas Madison is still not interested in restarting their relationship.  On the way back to Titans Tower, Holocaust’s fat accomplice reveals himself as part of the Wyld and kidnaps Raven, traveling through a dimensional rift.  Because Raven hasn’t been kidnapped, turned evil, manipulated, etc. enough times yet.  In the Ravager backup, Ravager looks up to see that one of the kidnapped girls has killed the last guard.  She defeats Will Roades, but her right arm still isn’t doing so well.  She has a hallucination of Red Devil, the only one she’s happy to have, which is made even more sad by the fact that the real one is dead.  She finds out that the girl in the hospital died, and she ultimately makes the decision to follow her own moral code, rather than force herself to be a purely good person/hero.  Thus, having already cut out Will’s tongue, she drowns him.  Then, after taking some more adrenaline, she heads off to live her new life.

     You know, there’s just nothing I can say about Felicia D. Henderson’s work on this book that hasn’t already been said before.  It’s absolutely atrocious.  Her fight dialogue in this book is terrible, and her attempt to instill suspense in by “killing off” the majority of the case was so transparent that it was pathetic.  It would be nice of there was some sort of plausible explanation for why Holocaust has gotten such a massive power increase, but she never deems to give us that.  As usual, the scenes with Static were slightly less cringe worthy.  José Luis’ art is very nice overall, though he, like other artists, seems to like giving Holocaust a mustache that he doesn’t have.  It would be nice if people would draw his facial hair consistently.  Also, in one shot where Cyborg is using his arm cannon, the perspective makes his arm look way too short.  That kind of bugged me.  Overall, the last installment of Ravager’s backup was, as usual (sadly), more interesting than the main story.  The end was rather sad though, because now, Ravager is basically beyond saving, having become a murderer once again and still being addicted to adrenaline.  Thank you, Sean McKeever, for destroying one of my favorite characters.  Where is she even going to go from here?  I don’t know.  And Yildiray Cinar’s art is fine, if still a tad lifeless and unexciting.  But this story is over, so it’s not that important.  However, the Teen Titans problem is still there.  Although I am extremely loyal to this book, I just cannot find it to be anything but unreadable.  I really hope DC’ s management is paying attention to what’s happening to this book so someone, almost anyone else, can take over.  This book is in greater need of a revamp than any other major book DC is putting out right now, so please, give it what it needs.  For those of us who love these characters, or at least how they used to be.

Plot: 2.7      Art: 8.5      Dialogue: 1.0      Overall: 1.5

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