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He’s Still Got Problems

May 8, 2010

     It’s Mighty Avengers #36, the last issue of Mighty Avengers, and it, rather appropriately, starts off with a slap.  Not the Wasp slapping anyone, mind you.  But Jocasta slapping the Wasp.  It seems that all of the Jocastas are meant to act as the neurons in Janet van Dyne’s body, and the Infinte Avengers Mansion is a harness to help keep Janet’s shape.  Naturally, Jocasta isn’t too happy about being used.  As Ultron breaks in, the Mighty Avengers in Asgard have some problems.  Nuke slices U.S. Agent’s left arm and leg clean off.  The Ghost reveals that he’s “on Amadeus Cho’s side,” and he helps out Cho by giving his transmitter enough power to contact Quicksilver again, and Quicksilver is convinced to go assist.  Ultron takes over Janet’s brain wave patterns, but Pym counters by saying that he kept all his Jocasta brides there because Ultron is afraid of him.  He takes out all the brides single-handedly, and Jocasta shuts down the Mansion.  Jocasta then bargains with Ultron, saying that she’ll become his wife willingly if he stops fighting.  Pym performs the ceremony, and the Mansion is brought back online.  When Ultron threatens to break his pact, Pym cals in dozens of Avengers, from Rick Jones to Firebird to Pulsar to Thor to Ms. Marvel to Captain America himself.  Once Ultron is convinced to leave, Jocasta goes with him willingly.  Then, the G.R.A.M.P.A. agents reveal that it was a trick, using flying ants and image inducers.  Edwin Jarvis returns, and Jocasta projects her consciousness into one of her other bodies.  Then, she tells Pym to act like an Avenger.  In Broxton, Loki DIES (WHOA, big spoiler) at the Void’s hand, and Pym arrives to lead the remaining Mighty Avengers (Quicksilver, Cho, Vision, Stature) in the final charge.

     You know, I’ve known about Hank Pym’s problems for almost as long as I’ve been reading comics.  Kurt Busiek dealt with the problem in his run, and by the end, he had Pym as Yellowjacket and pretty much over everything.  He was a nice, productive member of the team, and even though little issues popped up every so often, they were more natural ones, rather then “let’s bash Pym some more.”  Ever since Pym came back after Secret Invasion, Dan Slott has claimed that he’s trying to make Pym a legitimate Avenger again.  Even though the only thing that hurt his reputation recently was what that Skrull did in his name.  Instead, Pym is now even creepier than before, using a robot built on his wife’s brain patterns to keep his wife alive while getting into a physical relationship with said robot.  And it really seems like Pym Particles and all that stuff was the only original thing he ever came up with nowadays.  Even though Slott did some good character work with characters like Quicksilver and U.S. Agent, his biggest arc was a rather uninteresting retcon fest, and he’s just destroyed Pym’s character over time.  I mean, this story is fine.  Aside from the absolutely dopey marriage ceremony and the cheezy ending.  Well, okay, so maybe it’s got a lot of holes.  It wasn’t exactly a proper send-off for this team either.  Khoi Pham’s great pencils were a nice consolation, even if he does draw Ultron’s mouth too big.  I just feel like, in the end, Slott did not live up to what I or many other people had hoped for here: a classic Avengers series.  It really makes me wish that Janet hadn’t died in Secet Invasion, or that Slott had just laid off on Pym.  I think the poor guy has gone through enough already that he doesn’t have to become such a total creeper.

Plot: 6.7      Art: 9.0      Dialogue: 7.8      Overall: 6.5

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