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Always Three

May 7, 2010

     The story of Pixie’s true parentage continues in X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back! #3.  Pixie’s still out of it, and Saturnine and his stooge have continued disagreements about how to proceed.  Armor, Mercury, and X-23 wake up in some locked building, and Saturnine makes it clear that he’s trying to lure out Pixie’s mom.  Lady Mastermind and Mastermind try to use illusions on Pixie’s mom, but she’s not fooled at all.  She reveals that Pixie is the original Mastermind’s daughter, and she’s upset because the X-Men haven’t taken proper care of her.  She offers the two Masterminds power so long as they work with her and Pixie, stating that Pixie will have no say in the matter.  X-23 and Mercury try to break out, but they’re rather unsuccessful.  X-23 also complains about Pixie not giving a damn about them.  Rockslide, Anole, Emma Frost, Psylocke, and Nightcrawler find the supposed Dazzler show venue, and Emma psychically locates Pixie.  Pixie tries to resist being further tortured, and as Saturnine drags her off, having smacked around his henchwoman demon thing, Pixie’s mom and the two Masterminds, as well as all the X-Men searching for her, arrive to save the day.

     You know, I didn’t notice before, but Sara Pichelli’s version of Emma Frost wears a lot more clothing than what you’d expect of the supreme stripper X-lady.  Not that I mind not seeing all of Emma’s skin all at once, all the time, but it’s not really… Emma.  Anyway, this story is still totally strange.  I have no idea why Saturnine wants revenge on Pixie’s mom, and it’s only getting sort of clear as to what he’s been doing to Pixie and his intentions for her.  He’s been using her own dust to create illusions to draw her mom out, while doing… something trying to get at her hidden darkness.  I think.  It’s not very clear.  Some bits of this story are getting more interesting, like Pixie’s mom’s intentions.  I also still really like Kathryn Immonen’s characterization of Emma.  But on the whole, this is just a silly, disappointing story.  Immonen really doesn’t seem to be able to sharply characterize anyone in this book, save only Emma.  In that way, it syncs up kind of well with the way that everyone’s being characterized a lot of the time in Uncanny X-Men.  Really generically.  But I was hoping that Immonen would do better than that.  Pichelli’s art is still rather hit-or-miss.  The style is really strange and skinny, and it certainly doesn’t appeal to me.  I’ve gone through three issues of this story, so I intend to see it to the end.  But I’m definitely not jumping for joy at the prospect of more of this… blandness.

Plot: 7.3      Art: 5.8      Dialogue: 7.2      Overall: 6.9

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