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A Multi-Colored Melee

April 20, 2010

     In the last of the Blackest Night tie-ins, Green Lantern Corps #46 sees all the action going on in space that leads right up to Blackest Night #8.  Members of the Green Lantern Corps, Red Lantern Corps, and Sinestro Corps, as well as a few members of the Indigo Tribe and the Blue Lantern Corps, and Miri of the Star Sapphires all face off against the horde of Black Lanterns coming in from space.  To beat all of them, Guy Gardner comes up with a very Star Trek-inspired plan to zap them all with a giant web.  John Stewart and Kilowog lead a group to take out Xanshi, which leads into his involvement in Green Lantern #52.  The web is successful in taking out a lot of Black Lanterns, but when a bunch more come in from Earth, they construct dissipates.  Guy faces off against Black Lantern Ice, while Kyle Rayner fights Black Lantern Alexandra DeWitt, his old girlfriend, who forces him to experience her murder from the perspective of the murderer, Major Force.  Both Guy and Kyle manage to work through their feelings, and Munk helps Kyle finish off Alexandra.  Then, the Anti-Monitor, only half a Black Lantern, pops out of the Black Lantern battery.  Everyone changes focus, and using Dove as a bullet with Bedovian pulling the trigger, they take him out, though Vath Sarn’s legs get blasted off.  However, the Anti-Monitor is still stuck in the battery and is thus still powering the Black Lanterns, so everyone decides to focus on Nekron to finish the fight once and for all.

     Well, that was a great final outing for the Corps before the end of Blackest Night.  Guy really stepped up with a great bit of nerdy knowledge, and the focus on both him and Guy had the effect of helping them move past long-standing emotional issues.  I’m glad in Kyle’s case that it wasn’t gone into any more because of the controversy surrounding the original storyline.  And Guy’s part just continues the ongoing subplot with his relationship with Ice.  Considering the fact that the main emotion he showed was compassion rather than love, that indicates that maybe Black Lantern Ice was actually telling a bit of the truth, and that their relationship is over.  It was also nice to see Dove involved in another part of the story, considering her importance in the upcoming Brightest Day.  Under normal circumstances, I might say that Anti-Monitor went down too easily, but you can attribute that to him being weakened due to having been drained of power, as well as being halfway between life and death.  Patrick Gleason’s pencils are possibly the best of his career, as he manages to do great epic shots followed shortly by intimate portrait panels, and especially with Kyle and Alexandra, really disturbing panels.  It just makes me sad that he’ll be leaving this series soon, though as a consolation, he’ll be working on Brightest Day.  Same with Peter Tomasi.  I will be sad to see them both go, since they’ve really done so much for this title.  Let’s hope that Tony Bedard and Ardian Syaf can live up to their legacy.

Plot: 9.2      Art: 9.3      Dialogue: 8.9      Overall: 9.2

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