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The Dirty Deed

April 13, 2010

     The Dark Avengers’ Sentry-centric arc leading into Siege continues with Dark Avengers #15, which gives us some extra information as to what happened during Siege: The Cabal.  Dr. Doom gets pissed, Norman Osborn calls out the Void, and all hell breaks loose.  When Doom’s mechanical bugs start swarming around Stark Tower, Osborn orders Victoria Hand to evacuate the building.  Osborn tells the Void to turn back into the Sentry, and the Avengers start to evacuate.  Hawkeye, however, takes Lindy, Sentry’s wife, off in a separate helicopter, getting ready to fulfill Osborn’s secret order.  While Wolverine has to fly the Quinjet himself because everyone else is too retarded to do so, Hawkeye talks with Lindy, slowly taking the conversation from something nice yet awkward to obviously insulting.  Lindy slaps him, and he uses that as the excuse to suffocate her.  He then tosses her body out of the helicopter into the ocean.  Sentry destroys the Doombot controlling the bugs, and Hawkeye returns to dliver the “bad news.”  Sentry goes ballistic, turning into the Void, but Hawkeye lies right to his face about what happened and where it happened.  After giving Hand an order, Osborn goes privately to tell Hawkeye well done.  And Hand notices.

     Well this was an awesome issue.  We get some Sentry development, but even though he’s the focus of this arc, the spotlight really shines on Hawkeye and Lindy, and to a lesser extent, Osborn and Hand.  Of course, we all know that Hawkeye is really Bullseye, and this issue reminds us that Brian Michael Bendis really does get him, being one of the seminal Daredevil writers.  The whole scene with Bullseye and Lindy was beyond creepy, as there was that dark undercurrent even before he revealed his true intentions, since we as readers already knew his orders.  You really feel sorry for Lindy, even though she isn’t an important or particularly lovable character.  Plus, I like the intimation that Hand’s ultimate fate will be different than Osborn’s, as she realizes some of what he’s really been up to.  I like her as a character, and I hope she doesn’t fall along with ol’ Cornrows.  Mike Deodato Jr.’s work in this issue is possibly the best of his career.  In the Bullseye/Lindy exchange we really get to see so much nuance in facial expression, which Deodato doesn’t always show.  Even when Osborn’s in his Iron Patriot armor, and he’s lying to Hand, you can almost feel his lies seeping through his helmet, and half of that is because of how Deodato draws the perspective of that panel.   He’s been one of the top artist working for Marvel for a while, and this issue cements that possibly more than any other single issue of Dark Avengers.  I am genuinely excited for what comes next in this book and for these characters, even though there’s only one issue left.  Dark Avengers has been largely responsible for me finally getting to like Bendis’ writing, and I’m sad it’s going to be over so soon.  Let’s just hope he doesn’t decide to make Sentry something really ridiculous in the last issue of this and of Siege.

Plot: 9.0      Art: 9.5      Dialogue: 9.3      Overall: 9.3

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