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The Prodigal Son Returns

April 12, 2010

     With Mighty Avengers #35, Siege has come, and it’s time for this series to wrap up.  However, although many of the Mighty Avengers (Vision, Stature, U.S. Agent, Edwin Jarvis) are involved in Siege, the Wasp and Jocasta have their own problems to deal with in the Infinite Avengers Mansion.  Two agents from G.R.A.M.P.A. come to sever their organizations ties with the Avengers, but Hank Pym is busy with upgrades and stuff.  Unbeknownst to him, Ultron has returned and has taken over all but one of Jocasta’s billions of bodies (ten billion to be precise).  The G.R.A.M.P.A. agents tell Hank about what’s going on with Siege, and Hank gets a call from Captain America asking for help.  However, he declines, stating that he has something he has to do.  Hank gives Jocasta some new limbs that give her the ability to feel, and Edwin leaves, feeling that he must answer the call.  Ultron then attacks, and Hank, Jocasta, and the two G.R.A.M.P.A. agents run around trying to avoid him.  Amadeus Cho calls up U.S. Agent to don the costume once again and provide help in Siege, Vision and Stature agree to help, and Quicksilver laments being alone again.  Hank and co. escape to his lab, and he shuts down Pymspace, preventing Ultron from having the opportunity to invade the world from the mansion.  They escape out into the one remaining working door, which leads to Underspace, the dimension below the Microverse, where the original Wasp, Janet van Dyne, was sent by Thor and now looks like some new version of Eternity.

     So, Dan Slott actually commented on my rather scathing review of the previous issue.  He did promise that some of my complaints would be dealt with, and he was right.  The continuity issues with Assault on New Olympus were almost entirely resolved, aside from U.S. Agent’s decommissioning.  Plus, Hank seems like less of an idiot.  Now, he has the potential to just be creepy.  There’s a strong possibility that he’s turning Jocasta into Janet van Dyne, and that may even go so far as rewriting Jocasta’s personality with Janet’s.  I don’t know.  Now there’s potential issues about his relationship with both women and ethical issues involved in that, so I’m hoping that’s not the case.  Nonetheless, it will take a major change in plot direction for something like that to not happen.  Likewise, people still seem to hate Pym, and Slott just loves to show that.  I still feel like even Slott doesn’t want us to respect the guy, especially considering the fact that he didn’t answer Steve’s call to arms.  I do like where Quicksilver is right now emotionally, at least.  And Khoi Pham is back, so the art got WAY better.  Even if Stature’s lips disappeared in one panel.  To be clear, this issue was much better than the last one.  That last one was truly a stinker and very much an anomaly, even considering the problems this series has had.  I just don’t see how Pym will come out of this book as anything but even stranger than before.  I really do hope that Janet comes back, but please don’t let Pym drag himself into the abyss any further than he already has.

Plot: 7.7      Art: 8.9      Dialogue: 8.2      Overall: 7.9

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