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She’s More than Just a Pair of… You Know

March 19, 2010

In Wonder Woman #41, while the titular character and Power Girl beat each other up in Washington D.C., Achilles meets up with some guy who Wonder Woman hooked him up with to give him a new place to live.  Seems the guy wants to be more a part of the world now.  Coincidentally (okay, not so much), the real estate agent selling the vast estate that Achilles is going to buy is named Patrick Cleese, which sounds like Patroclus (Achilles’ good friend and possible lover from the Iliad).  Wonder Woman and Power Girl fight while Wonder Woman admires Power Girl’s skill and personality, and the little evil children run around corrupting more people.  Wonder Woman ultimately beats Power Girl with her superior technique, then overcomes her brainwashing by reminding her that she doesn’t like to follow orders.  One of the evil children goes to convince Steve Trevor to kill Etta Candy.  Wonder Woman tracks down the evil children while Power Girl is left with the task of calming down the crowds.  Power Girl ties up Wonder Woman in the Lasso of Truth, making her immune to the kids’ powers, and they are indeed the evil kids of Ares.  Called it!  Power Girl calms everyone down with some friendly reminders (not the most eloquent, but highly effective), and Tolifhar defeats the fifth kid, as he is immune to the kid’s mental manipulation.  Later, Wonder Woman tells Power Girl that she locked the kids up, then spanked them.  What a way to end that, huh?

Well, half of this arc was really about Gail Simone’s interpretation of Power Girl.  I admire her attempts to redeem the biggest sex symbol in comic books.  I really do.  Unfortunately, that is marred by the rather sexual little things that pop up every so often, like mustard falling on Power Girl’s breasts and Wonder Woman asking Power Girl to tie her up.  Then there’s the ridiculous size of her breasts.  On the cover, Aaron Lopresti manages to make her breasts a tad more realistic, and the main artist of the issue, Chris Batista still keeps them smaller, if a tad… rounder.  But the second artist of the issue, Fernando Dagnino makes them so massive that Power Girl should have literally cripply back pains.  Her body is so disproportionate that it’s sad.  So I still don’t really respect Power Girl that much under the pen of anyone but Geoff Johns.  Dagnino messes up a bit in other ways, like just being a not-so-good artist and drawing Power girl disproportionately in other ways too.  Chris Batista is a good fill-in for Lopresti, but it’s sad knowing that we don’t even get one last issue in with Lopresti before Gail Simone’s run ends.  Anyway, the rest of the issue is still quite interesting, as is the whole concept of Ares’ little groin spawn (Floating Hands Studios!!!).  Gail Simone is still great, even when she has to deal with Power Girl.  Too bad she’s leaving the book so soon.

Plot: 8.8      Art: 7.9      Dialogue: 9.2      Overall: 8.8

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