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Saving a Dear Friend

March 19, 2010

     Again, top secret cover and all that.  So, in Green Lantern Corps #45, although the Black Lanterns are beaten, and Kyle Rayner is alive, the Corps, with allies Munk of the Indigo Tribe and Miri of the Star Sapphires, still have one remaining objective: save Guy Gardner, who is still under the control of the red ring.  Guy is unable to control himself any longer and begins beating the crap out of everyone with his two rings.  Miri tries to use a sapphire tether to call upon his love and rescue him, but Guy is too powerful.  Mogo then uses another one of his spectacular powers to force Guy to look back at his life in terms of will and rage.  His love, Ice, represents will, and his father represents rage.  The Green Lanterns help Guy smash all of the red constructs created by Mogo’s power and temporarily restrain him.  Munk explains the only way to save Guy from the ring (Blue Lantern) and tells him that there is nothing they can do.  Even as Killowog tries to convince Kyle Rayner to kill Guy, as Guy wouldn’t want to hurt another Green Lantern, Mogo saves Guy by filtering out his blood, at least surpressing the ring.  Then, everyone travels back to Oa, where the Indigo Tribe is gathering Green Lanterns to go to Earth to defeat Nekron.  And all the Green Lanterns light up.

     Well, that’s a rather spectacular end for the Guy-as-Red-Lantern subplot.  Admittedly, Mogo’s involvement seems more deus ex machina than what he’s done thus far, but it also makes you realize just how big an asset to the corps he is.  He’s so much tougher than all the other Green Lanterns, being a planet (or at least planet-sized) and all.  Peter Tomasi handles the whole cast of the issue with great skill, as usual, and for the first time, I feel like I actually know more of what makes Guy tick.  Guy has been my least favorite of the human Green Lanterns from day one, but now I feel like I get him a lot better.  Patrick Gleason does some of his best work in this issue, with stuff like the leeches Mogo uses and some great face shots of Munk.  He also, as usual, draws a great, expressive Guy.  However, as I have come to expect of Gleason, he excels much more with the strange than with the human, and his more human faces sometimes suffer from disproportion (never Guy, though).  Yet the kinetic energy that he puts in every panel, the raw excitement and motion, far outweighs his weaker moments.  I’m sad that Tomasi and Gleason only have two more issues on this book, as they really sold it for me.  I only hope their successors can live up to their great legacy.

Plot: 8.8      Art: 9.0      Dialogue: 9.0      Overall: 9.0

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