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Something's Different This Time

March 13, 2010

     By the way, this is actually the cover for issue #4.  Oops!  In the latest Realm of Kings: Inhumans, Gorgon, Crystal, and Ronan the Accuser surround the Inhuman royal palace to try to stop Maximus’ latest treachery.  They inform Karnak as Maximus spies on them from afar, and Gorgon reveals that he rather intelligently put a marker on Maximus to track him, if something like this should ever happen again.  Gorgon convinces Karnak that it’s time to stop Maximus once and for all, and Karnak goes to occupy Medusa.  Crystal tells Gorgon that the whole thing is really their fault for continually forgiving Maximus after every transgression, despite his problems.  Then, they bump into Omega, the old robotic foe of the Inhumans, newly fixed by Maximus.  On Triton’s ship, Ra-Venn tries to convince Triton to be careful what he says to Medusa about seeing Black Bolt’s “ghost” when suddenly all the Kree members of the crew start grotesquely mutating.  Gorgon takes on Omega, and Maximus tries to manipulate Ronan into taking himself out, though Crystal fixes that with a well-placed burst of wind and a kiss.  Gorgon defeats Omega, and the trio corner Maximus.  Just then, Medusa and Karnak arrive via Lockjaw transport, and Medusa reveals that Maximus has been following her orders the whole time.

     Well, here I thought this was going to turn into that usual rut of relying purely on the megalomania of Maximus to tell an Inhumans story.  Silly me.  I shouldn’t have doubted Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning.  The revelation that Medusa has been telling Maximus what to do, even with the Alpha Primitives’ uprising and the Kree rebellion, is really quite interesting, as it also shows the effect that Black Bolt’s death has had on her as a ruler and personally.  It’s a really well-planned twist for this miniseries, one that I really didn’t see coming.  And I officially love Crystal and Ronan as a couple.  Which is funny, because a few years ago, I thought of Ronan as nothing more than another Fantastic Four villain.  Leave it to Abnett and Lanning to completely revitalize a character.  It’ll be interesting also to see the schism form between the factions of the Inhuman royal family, and I wonder which side Triton will fall on.  Pablo Raimondi is back, and his art is as great as before.  However, he doesn’t seem to be able to draw dogs very well, because Lockjaw’s head just looks misshapen and oddly angled.  Fortunately, of all things Raimondi could have trouble with, this is probably the least important.  Well, Realm of Kings is coming to a close all across the cosmic titles, and the stage is almost set for the return of one of my favorite villains, Thanos.  But there’s still one more issue for everything to close, and I guarantee that Abnett and Lanning still have surprises in store.

Plot: 9.0      Art: 8.7      Dialogue: 8.9      Overall: 8.9

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