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Role Reversal

March 12, 2010

     After dealing with the Universal Church of Truth, the Guardians of the Galaxy have moved on to their next mission.  However, those they left behind in the battle with the Magus are still alive.  We see the battle again from Martyr’s perspective, where the Magus used his powers to make Star-Lord think that everyone had been killed and that he was defeating the Magus using the Cosmic Cube.  The Magus finished off this deception by using belief fonts to destroy all of the Church’s ships.  In the present day, Magus is torturing the captured Guardians to convert them.  Magus particularly picks on Martyr, his cosmic archenemy, because he claims that she only became the avatar of death so she would be noticed.  He also says that he will assist the Many-Angled Ones from across the Fault to come to Earth-616.  Elsewhere, the Guardians guard the first meeting of the new Galactic Council, brought together by Crystal.  Star-Lord isn’t too happy to see Blastaar, but since Blastaar is the monarch of the Negative Zone, there’s nothing he can do.  After getting advice from Mantis, Cosmo, and Major Victory, Martyr sends out a psychic message to Moondragon.  This coincides with an assassination attempt on Blastaar, so thanks to Moondragon’s vague interpretation of Martyr’s call, Blastaar survives, though the sniper was actually delivering nanotic bioweapons.  Martyr gets out a clearer message to Moondragon, frees herself, then frees the rest of her teammates, ready to save the universe.

     From day one of reading the cosmic books, I have heaped nothing but praise on them, as have everyone else.  And if you’re expecting me to say that they aren’t good anymore, well you’re reading the wrong review.  The fact is that Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning write this book so brilliantly on a month to month basis that there’s almost nothing left I have to say.  I like the spotlight on Martyr, as well as Magus’ little torture bit.  And I even like the friction between Blastaar and Star-Lord.  I’m not really sure when Blastaar went from being a legitimate villain to being a bit of a doofus, but it might have been when he became a monarch.  I also actually enjoy Magus’ changed personality.  It’s more irreverent and ridiculous, and it oddly fits.  My only real complaint abuot the book is the art of Wesley Craig.  His rather deformed interpretations of basically all the characters, minus Groot, wasn’t very nice to look at before, and it’s no more so now.  I mean, he renders everything decently, but as I’ve said before, it’s too bad that this book can’t get a better artist to bring to life Abnett and Lanning’s brilliant scripts.  But hey, I’ve said that before.  If these guys don’t trip up soon, I won’t have anything left to write about in upcoming reviews of their books!

Plot: 9.2      Art: 8.5      Dialogue: 9.2     Overall: 9.1

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