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He'll Get to the Landlady Too, Eventually

February 20, 2010

     It’s the penultimate issue of Stark Disassembled, and poor Tony Stark, the Invincible Iron Man, isn’t much further than he was last issue.  Dr. Strange tries to convince Tony that he’s had major brain trauma, that it’s all in his head, and that he is indeed Iron Man, but the ideas don’t seem to be sticking.  Pepper Potts admits to Maria Hill that she misses having the repulsor tech, as well as the fact that she slept with Tony just a short while ago.  Guess what?  So did Hill.  Good to know that even in a tough spot, Tony is still Tony.  As Tony explains the rules of his head to Strange, one of the giant sentries pops up to attack.  The Ghost talks to Madame Masque and tries to bail, but Masque cuts him off.  Ghost ends up attacking Pepper, then shooting Jim Rhodes as the latter brings more stuff to help Tony.  Just as all seems lost, Strange manages to convince Tony not to give up, and Tony defeats the robot sentry in his mind, ready to move on.

     This arc is now making me think of Captain America: Reborn.  Lots of missed opportunities for character introspection.  Tony’s mindscape could be a great look at who he really is, a new take on everything that’s happened to him since he first donned the armor.  However, we don’t get that.  Instead, we get confused Tony, who needs Dr. Strange to hold his hand.  Admittedly, it works, but it isn’t as strong as what it could have been.  In general, I’m more interested now to see what Rhodey, Hill, and Pepper are doing back in real life.  At the very least, Matt Fraction gets Tony Stark very well.  Salvador Larroca’s art is the same as it has been for quite a while.  It’s good, but some panels look extremely static while others are just charged with energy.  And characters look absolutely superb one panel and flat-faced the next.  Nothing I haven’t said already.  I’m excited to see the final confrontation between Tony and the crew and the Ghost (and maybe Madame Masque), but I’ll be much happier to see Tony back on his feet and in the new armor ASAP.  You know it’s poor pacing when a twelve-issue arc seems to drag on less than a five-issue one.  But it’s still very entertaining, if very slow.

Plot: 8.1      Art: 8.3      Dialogue: 8.8      Overall: 8.2

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