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The Mind of a Madman

February 18, 2010

     Nate Grey has taken over the mind of Norman Osborn, and it’s up to the Dark X-Men to save their employer.  That is, if they actually cared about his wellbeing.  In fact, Mystique starts out by trying to blackmail Nate, or else she’ll reveal his secret.  Mimic wants to ask Nate about his future, but Mystique convinces him it would be better to get those powers and find out himself.  Nate gets in a literal yet symbolic arm-wrestling match with Osborn, and the Dark X-Men call up those weirdo psychics from before to help them enter Osborn’s mind.  Osborn thinks that he has the upper hand in the fight, what with him having no control over his body and therefore not expending any energy on it, but as the Dark X-Men travel through his mind, Grey shows how much Osborn’s mental defenses have weakened.  Under normal circumstances, that would be good, as they would be able to save Osborn faster, but it’s not so good when those defenses were what was keeping the good old Green Goblin in check.

     At this point, Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk have delivered issue after issue of quality storytelling, despite the fact that I don’t even care about most of the members of the team.  Of course, that’s because the real narrative focal points of the story are Osborn, Grey, and the one member I do like, Mystique.  Nice little reference to Destiny too.  It’s fascinating to see Grey’s reaction to the current (soon to be former) Marvel Universe status quo, and it’s great to see such a selfless person go up against such an ass like Osborn.  Then, of course, there’s all the quirks of Mystique’s kooky quartet, which are great, if not good for main characters.  Which, again, Cornell acknowledges by keeping them as supporting. characters.  Leonard Kirk’s art is also significantly less sketchy than before, and everyone looks better on the whole, aside from that rather odd looking page of the Green Goblin.  Still, that’s just one little mistake.  I’m not really upset at all that this miniseries is going for one more issue.  It may not be amazing, but it’s consistently good, something that the X-corner of the MU could stand to learn from.

Plot: 8.7      Art: 9.0      Dialogue: 8.7     Overall: 8.7

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