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Tearing It All Down

February 2, 2010

     Red Robin‘s quest to destroy the League of Assassins concludes (at least temporarily) as he and Tam Fox are surrounded by the members of the Council of Spiders.  Tim quickly realizes that the Ra’s al Ghul dead in front of him is really a body double.  Ra’s contacts him and asks him what he learned in Iraq about Batman, but Tim refuses to tell him.  After Tim surveys the Council and the Wanderer realizes that isn’t Ra’s, all hell breaks loose.  Ra’s and a mysterious woman watch the battle as Tim flies from enemy to enemy.  He finds an opening, and Tam runs away.  Just as it looks like she is done for, Pru steps in and saves her.  Tim fights against the Wanderer and manages to take her out without touching her.  Tim destroys the League of Assassins’ computer systems, and the White Ghost angrily retreats.  Pru also leaves, revealing that she can, in fact, still speak.  As the League’s base collapses, Tim and Tam rush out.  Tim gets another message from Ra’s, telling him that he will soon destroy Wayne Enterprises.  See, Ra’s is actually in Gotham City.  And the surviving members of the Council decide that heroes are a more challenging target than assassins.

     The Council of Spiders is a very intriguing concept.  I just can’t help but think that it would flourish under a better writer.  Eight issues in, and Chris Yost has yet to sell me on Tim’s sudden abandonment of his home and friends to go on a wild goose chase.  And since he’s returning to Gotham next issue, I may never get sold on it.  His attack on the League from the inside and this whole story was interesting, but Yost never really allowed it to grow.  He kind of just stuck some of his concepts on the page and expected them to write themselves.  I’m also not sold on Tam Fox as Tim’s billionth love interest.  She’s not bad, but she’s rather bland.  And, even though I was excited to have Marcus To on this book, after three issues, I’m already bored with him.  Everything is sound, but his art, panel layouts, fighting sequences, etc. just don’t pop out at me.  I’d say they’re just as mediocre as the rest of the book.  The fact that I find Ra’s al Ghul, one of Batman’s greatest villains, so bland is just proof of Yost’s lack of true ingenuity on this book.  I don’t know what will happen to Tim Drake once Bruce Wayne is back as Batman, but I hope he gets a better writer.  Maybe we can get Chuck Dixon to write him yet again…

Plot: 7.5      Art: 7.2      Dialogue: 7.3      Overall: 7.3

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