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Hope’s Fastest Beacon

February 2, 2010

     The Flash and the Rogues’ adventures in Blackest Night continue in Blackest Night: The Flash as the Black Lantern Rogues corner the living ones in Iron Heights Penitentiary.  Captain Boomerang is among them, likely having come over after his appearance in Blackest Night: Batman.  Most shocking is the appearnce of the Golden Glider, Captain Cold’s sister, who slashes his chest.  Then, we get a retelling of Barry getting the blue ring and joining the Blue Lantern Corps.  He and Saint Walker face off against Firestorm, Kid Flash, and Professor Zoom.  Just as Wally comes in to assist, Solovar arrives, having rebuilt himself from being scattered across the Indian Ocean.  And all the while, Barry’s ring says, “all will be well.”  Black Lantern Glider tortures Cold about failing to save her, eliciting a love response.  Each of the other Rogues gets paired up with one of the dead ones as well.  However, Cold manages to get over his loss and take out Glider.  Just as he’s about to attack Boomerang, the younger Boomerang, Owen Mercer, arrives, insisting that he can save his father, and snatches him away.

     The Flash side of this book is primarily expanding upon what we see in Blackest Night, particularly in terms of Barry getting picked as a Blue Lantern.  In that way, it’s very interesting to see Barry’s thoughts on the matter, even if there’s little in terms of plot added.  The only thing of note will be when we see how Blackest Night affects Professor Zoom, and by extension, his involvement in Flash: Rebirth.  I’m more interested in the Rogues’ plotline.  And I feel like, after just that one section between Cold and Glider, I understand his character so much better than before.  Geoff Johns is truly a master of getting into a character and figuring out what makes him tick, and this case is no different.  I would like to see more of the Rogues highlighted, but this is only a three-issue miniseries.  Scott Kolins is great at rending all the speed and excitement of a Flash story, and his designs for the Black Lanterns are often very appropriate.  But sometimes, his faces like detail, and in other cases, they just look far too sketchy, full of random lines and stuff.  I don’t think this is his best work.  So, even though this isn’t as good as Flash: Rebirth, it’s still a great Blackest Night tie-in.  I never thought I could like Barry Allen or the Rogues, but Johns has proved me wrong once again.

Plot: 8.6      Art: 8.5      Dialogue: 9.2      Overall: 8.6

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