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Don't Make Him Mad

February 1, 2010

     As the Blackest Night rages on, the Green Lantern Corps are in rather dire straits.  With Mogo arriving at Oa, everyone wonders why it is even there.  Guy Gardner, the newest member of the Red Lantern Corps, tears through the Black Lantern Corps, and Kyle Rayner tries to rally everyone to prevent the central battery from being corrupted.  Even after the battery falls over, Guy continues to slaughter everything in his path.  When Kyle tries to reason with him, Guy insists that Kyle is really dead, and that he’s a Black Lantern.  Mogo then informs Salaak of its plan to purge Oa, a directive given to it by the Guardians of the Universe.  It increases its gravity, drawing everyone, Black Lantern, Green Lantern, and otherwise, onto its surface.  As Iolande watches in safety, all the wounded Lanterns she brought to Mogo safe and sound, the Black Lanterns are pulled under Mogo’s surface, where they burn in his bright green core forever.  However, this plan doesn’t get rid of the problem of Guy, who is still ready to kill stuff.

     Well, Guy as a Red Lantern is extremely interesting and all, but I think Peter Tomasi could have treated it in a more nuanced way rather than “Guy smash.”  A lot of people expected Guy to have as much control over himself as Atrocitus, and that would have been likewise cool to see.  So thus far, this is probably the weakest issue of Tomasi’s work on Green Lantern Corps that I’ve read.  Mogo’s directive was pretty cool, and it’s both scary to see his power and interesting to wonder what he is, considering that his core is made of green energy.  Great Beatles reference, too.  Also, Patrick Gleason’s somewhat malformed character designs come back to bite him in the butt this issue for once.  Normally, he makes alien characters look great, but that makes humans, like for example, the last panel of Guy Gardner, look ridiculous.  Guy looks so top-heavy and muscular that his upper body should just snap off his torso.  But these complaints make it sound like I disliked this issue.  It’s still another great installment of Green Lantern Corps.  It’s just not up to par with Tomasi and Gleason’s usual work.

Plot: 8.8      Art: 8.8      Dialogue: 8.9      Overall: 8.8

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