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Shadows of the Past

January 29, 2010

     As if the attack by Devos the Devastator wasn’t enough, in the latest Realm of Kings: Inhumans, the Inhumans stand against a massive Kree war machine from older times.  However, Gorgon is tough enough that he manages to destroy it almost singlehandedly.  The machine is piloted by Alpha Primitives, once again being controlled remotely.  Ronan the Accuser and Crystal locate the soure, which is the doctor and the Kree renegade from before, Zarek.  In the Fault, Triton and Ra-Venn find the remnants of the T-bomb and find Black Bolt within.  However, it, as well as Vulcan, are simply mirages created by the remaining tech of the machine, which Triton promptly destroys.  Ronan beats Zarek, and Crystal manages to stop the machine controlling the Alpha Primitives by summoning rain.  The doctor is got in an electric blast, but when Crystal examines his seemingly dead body, she discovers that he is really a robot being controlled by Maximus, who has decided to make his latest move on the throne.

     After that little conversation Maximus had with Ahura and Luna, it was rather obvious that he would be trying something soon.  I just didn’t realize that the whole Alpha Primitives subplot was actually his doing.  At this point, I think that will come center stage, and Triton and Ra-Venn’s mission will become less important.  This issue was less about character development and more about plot development, what with the Fault mission, the raid on the Kree insurgents, and the revelation of Maximus’ treachery.  The only character development is the fact that Ronan seems to really love Crystal, which I think is adorable.  They seem so incongruous, but I really like them together.  So although this isn’t Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s best issue on this miniseries, it certainly is exciting and action-packed.  One major weakness is Wellington Alves, whose pencils basically look like a weaker version of Pablo Raimondi’s.  It’s all technically fine, but it’s just not as polished.  At any rate, Realm of Kings is now getting into full gear, with the Universal Church of Truth and Maximus making their movies, and the cancerverse invading our universe.  More good stuff from the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe, I say.

Plot: 8.6      Art: 8.5      Dialogue: 9.0      Overall: 8.7

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