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An Alternate Form of Help

January 27, 2010

     In the last issue of Invincible Iron Man, Thor and the two Captain Americas, Bucky and Steve, tried to revive Tony Stark using Cap’s shield and Thor’s lightning.  However, he does not wake up.  Inside his mind, Tony and his parents try to avoid the robot sentries walking around and figure out what’s going on.  Pepper Potts wakes up and wonders why it didn’t work.  As Maria Hill goes to go get something for Pepper, she sees the Ghost attack the lodgings’ proprietor.  She chases him away, and she runs to Pepper to tell her that they’ve been compromised.  Back in Tony’s mind, the sentries come back and attack the Stark family as Tony puts on the Iron Man breastplate.  Pepper, Maria, and friends take Tony’s unconscious body and try to escape.  Just then, Steve brings Dr. Strange to help revive Tony.  He sets up some kind of circle and enters Tony’s mind, where he finds Tony and tells him that the world needs Iron Man.

     That was certainly the least eventful of the issues of Stark Disassembled thus far.  Tony has basically no major revelations aside from that the thing on his chest is connected to the Iron Man breastplate.  That’s just how messed up he is right now.  And the only action is the Ghost’s quick little attack that Hill thwarts equally quickly.  Really, this was more of a connection between the beginning and end parts of the arc, which middle portions of any given story tend to be.  At least, they do in comic books.  I am curious as to how ultimately Tony will get back up again, but perhaps Dr. Strange really has rescued him this time.  Likewise, in keeping with the general tone of the whole issue, Salvador Larroca’s pencils are more subdued and overall less exciting than his best.  Aside from Pepper’s slightly squashed face in one panel, everything just looks fine, just not that interesting.  With the reveal of Tony’s new Iron Man armor, it’s rather clear that he will be back in the suit at this point.  I’m not that excited about the new armor, since it looks less like armor and more like a normal costume that is just technology-themed, but Matt Fraction has done no wrong on this book since he started writing it.  So I’ll just trust that he’ll handle it well.

Plot: 8.6      Art: 8.8      Dialogue: 8.9      Overall: 8.7

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