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The Powers He Possesses

January 26, 2010

     After discerning the true identities of the Dark Avengers and the Dark X-Men, Nate Grey goes ballistic, attacking Stark Tower and plowing through Venom.  The rest of the Dark Avengers arrive, and Nate talks to the Sentry, wondering why he is working with them.  Apparently, they worked together in the past.  He tries to get the rest of the team to work with him against Norman Osborn, but they decide to fight instead.  As the Dark X-Men arrive, Omega starts absorbing his power and goes crazy again, and Mimic interferes and starts copying Nate’s power.  As Nate tries explaining things to Mimic, Ares arrives and attacks Nate, causing Moonstone to lose a single memory (time travel and all that jazz).  Ares manages to “beat” Nate, and Nate brings everything back to normal time.  Nate then “explodes,” giving the Dark X-Men and Dark Avengers their victory.  However, Mystique notices something odd about Osborn.  She confronts him later, giving a list of demands, stating that she knows that it’s really Nate.

     It’s only at this point that we really figure out who the narrative focuses of this series are.  They are Mystique and Nate Grey, and to a lesser extent, Mimic.  It seems like Mimic is being set up as a potential mutant shaman in Nate’s footsteps, too.  Anyway, this is the weakest of the issues thus far, mostly because the Dark Avengers do most of the fighting.  Plus, the intrusive retcon that is the Sentry rears its ugly head again, damaging the great character of X-Man.  Anyway, I’m glad to see that Paul Cornell understands just how strong Nate Grey is, that he is able to hold Ares axe with his bare hands.  The story is interesting, but more focus on the actual titular characters would be nice.  And I am curious to see what Nate hopes to accomplish by possessing Osborn.  Leonard Kirk’s art is also at its worst in this issue, with Daken looking like a skinny, slightly misproportioned pole, and other characters, like Nate at times, looking a tad too old.  Oh yes, and Venom’s spider on his chest randomly disappeared.  But Mystique still looks good.  Since Mystique is one of the most intriguing characters in the Marvel Universe, and Nate Grey’s return is quite interesting, I’m still looking forward to the last issue of this miniseries.  But its penultimate issue just didn’t live up to the previous ones.

Plot: 7.8      Art: 8.6      Dialogue: 8.9      Overall: 7.9

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