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He Just Won't Die

January 25, 2010

     In the last story of the Digimon Adventure canon, the villain of Our War Games, Diaboromon returns to defeat his nemeses, the DigiDestined, once and for all.  In Digimon: Revenge of Diaboromon, Tai, Agumon, Matt, and Gabumon head back onto the internet when Diaboromon reappears.  By DNA Digivolving to Omnimon, they seem to defeat him.  However, he splits into thousands of Kuramon and sends himself into the real world via email through cell phones.  To explain that, in Japan, texting requires an email for your cell phone.  The new DigiDestined run around Tokyo trying to gather up all the Kuramon, but they coalesce into Armageddemon, an even more powerful version of Diaboromon.  Omnimon is unable to defeat him, but he grants his power to Imperialdramon Fighter Mode, transforming him into Imperialdramon Paladin Mode.  Imperialdramon splits Armageddemon back into many Kuramon, and with the help of the cell phones of everyone around Japan, he is able to destroy Diaboromon once and for all.

     Okay, so this was even more of a shameless attempt at getting money than the previous movies.  It’s far too short for you to really get into it, and it’s just a revisiting of a villain we all thought was dead.  Even in the English dub, there’s also no mention of Willis, so that whole thing isn’t even explored.  Plus, the music is done by an entirely different group and is absolutely terrible, and Tai and Gabumon get different voice actors who are significantly inferior to their original ones.  So really, it’s not all that good a movie.  It is nice to get to see all these characters one more time, but after the rather bad taste that the end of Digimon Adventure 02 and the defeat of MaloMyotismon left in my mouth, well, this didn’t make it any better.  Besides, the idea that a DNA Digivolved Digimon made of two Megas being weaker than Imperialdramon is just silly.  Oh well.  What did you expect out of a movie like this?  At least Diaboromon’s modus operandi was cool.

Story: 6.2      Animation: 8.5      Soundtrack: 4.8      Acting: 7.9      Overall: 6.0

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