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An Old Vendetta

January 21, 2010

     Although people tend to forget it, few villains have had a greater effect on Ms. Marvel than Mystique.  Actually, none have.  And to end Brian Reed’s long run on Carol, she gets to face off against her old enemy once more.  For some reason, someone who looks like Captain Marvel has been attacking the Church of Hala across the United States.  Ms. Marvel talks to one of the church’s more prominent members, who was injured in one of the attacks, to get some information.  She sets up a meeting with Essential, the technological being who helped her previously, and meets her old friend Rick Mason (who was actually an pre-existing character before his appreance in Ms. Marvel) as well.  Upon viewing footage of Captain Marvel’s attacks, Carol realizes that it’s really Mystique.  Thanks to Essential, she tracks Mystique, or at least who she believes is Mystique, in Idaho.  When she confronts “Mystique,” a massive explosion goes off.

     I have not been a fan of this series since it finished its second year, mostly because, rather than capitalize on any of the threads he started at the beginning, Brian Reed has seen fit to instad toss Carol around for no apparent reason in stupid story after stupid story (War of the Marvels).  As such, not only has she not grown as a character, but she does not seem to have accumulated the crucial supporting cast that most big books have.  Personally, I think she also needs a serious costume revamp, since it’s rather… awful.  I hate that so many female superheroes’ costumes have to involve the shirt/top part ending in a thong with at least partially shown legs, as it’s totally unnecessary in a costume and is blatantly sexual in nature.  And Sana Takeda’s art is still way too odd-looking for this book, especially with her ridiculously pastely coloring.  So, with this series ending, all I see is missed opportunities.  I just hope Carol won’t rot in some corner of the Marvel Universe after this.  I do expect her to be one of the members of the re-established Avengers after Siege.  But hey, at least Reed is going back to Carol’s roots with the final arc.

Plot: 6.3      Art: 5.7      Dialogue: 6.5      Overall: 6.0

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