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Getting Back at Osborn

January 20, 2010

     The latest issue of New Avengers wraps up the Hood regaining his powers/Harrow’s rebellion/Luke Cage’s heart troubles arc as a sort of epilogue.  Dr. Strange examines Cage to make sure that Norman Osborn didn’t do anything bad to him during the surgery, and he discovers that he put something on his heart.  Daredevil hears some sort of odd frequency coming from that little machine.  In order to remove it, Strange calls Hank Pym, the Wasp, and they shrink down to take it off Cage’s heart directly.  Osborn and the Dark Avengers follow the frequency, as the machine is some sort of tracking device.  On the way, the Hood contacts Osborn, extremely pissed about Osborn’s new deal with Harrow.  During the “operation,” the frequency changes, as the machine becomes a bomb.  Strange and Pym remove it in time, and they use it to blow up Osborn’s summer home, which was the building everyone was in during the operation.  Cage thanks everyone for their help and acknowledges that Jessica Jones’ mother is right that Danielle Cage deserves a normal, safe life.  Then, on the H.A.M.M.E.R. helicarrier, Hood kills Harrow for his treachery and tells his gang that they now work directly for Osborn.  Osborn tells them that he wants them to kill all his enemies, and they’re even.  But Spider-Man, they have to bring to him alive.

     To be honest, although this was a fun and well-written issue, it was almost entirely unnecessary.  Aside from the Hood returning and possibly what comes after that little conversation with Cage, Jessica, and her mom, this story had no actual consequence.  The little thing with the bomb in Cage’s heart could have been resolved earlier if the story were more compressed, or it could have been done away with altogether.  Again, this was a really good issue on the whole.  It just wasn’t the best thought-out epilogue in terms of the flow of the rest of the arc.  I’m curious as to how much the Hood’s powers have changed as a result of coming from the Norn Stones instead of Dormammu.  And it will be interesting to see how Loki uses this leverage he has over the Hood now during Siege (we saw a glimpse of that in Siege: The Cabal).  Stuart Immonen’s pencils were absolutely superb in this issue, with a greater degree of facial detail than most of his previous work on this title.  However, he managed to consistently draw Daredevil’s mask wrong.  Daredevil’s eye things aren’t as big as Spider-Man’s; they’re much smaller, about the size of someone’s actual eyes.  But that’s one little complaint.  But at this point, I’m very excited for Siege.  Brian Michael Bendis has been doing great work recently, and I hope that carries over to his latest big event.

Plot: 8.7      Art: 9.0      Dialogue: 9.0      Overall: 8.8

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