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Trapped in Her Own Mind

January 19, 2010

     Continuing Juliet Landau’s strange tale of Drusilla’s asylum adventures in the pages of Angel, Drusilla walks around in the mental institution, with bodies and blood strewn everywhere, having written messages in blood on the walls.  As she looks at the bodies, she has memories of what Angelus did to her family just before he turned her.  She starts sketching and draws a lot of what happened in Angel: After the Fall, including Connor’s death and Illyria’s transformation to her normal form.  The surviving doctors continue to refuse to believe that she is a vampire.  Then, Drusilla draws and remembers being turned by Angelus and Darla, then gets swallowed up by a crowd she drew on paper that comes to life as the doctors run away.  She awakens to her old life in Victorian England, though she seems to retain her memories of being a vampire.  It is unclear if she has gone back in time, thrown into some illusion, or is simply being tossed around by her own insanity again.

     Well, as you would expect from a Drusilla story, it was absolutely crazy.  In the end, I have no idea what transpired, or to what degree what she saw was real or otherwise.  It did wonderfully highlight her insanity in many ways, but something tells me that this will be a story that will make more sense down the road, when the truth of what happened to her is revealed.  So for now, this is just a visit into her mind.  Of course, the person who understands Drusilla best is her actress Landau herself, and her understanding of her character really comes out onto the page.  Fortunately, it totally overshadows any influence co-writer Brian Lynch might have had, so it’s a rather satisfying read (for fans of Drusilla, anyway).  Franco Urru’s pencils are still quite muddy, just as they were before his “improvement,” which is disappointing.  But, he’s done with this book, so whatever.  Having learned that Bill Willingham is the ongoing writer for this book now (after two more issues by Lynch), I’ve decided to cancel my cancellation of my subscription, as at least Willingham can actually write an interesting story.  I only wonder how this will tie in with Angel’s appearances in Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight… *wink wink*

Plot: 8.2      Art: 7.5      Dialogue: 8.5      Overall: 8.2

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