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Lost to Rage

January 14, 2010

     The craziest theater of the War of Light (if you don’t include the stuff going on in the main Blackest Night book) takes place on Oa in Green Lantern Corps, where all the dead of the Corps arise to kill the living.  Each living member faces their own trials, with Guy Garnder fighting Ke’Haan and Bzzd, Kyle Rayner and Soranik Natu fighting Jade, Kilowog fighting Ermey, and Arisia fighting her own family.  Salaak, Vath Sarn, and Isamot Kol find the husks Scar trapped the Guardians of the Universe were trapped in, and when the Alpha Lanterns try to assume command, Salaak steps in and takes over.  Star Sapphire Miri also brings Kryb to Oa to find her children out of respect for her love for said children, but they find all the kids dead.  Indigo Tribesman Munk also comes to assist.  When the Black Lanterns rings are fully charged, they chase after the central battery and form a giant black construct.  The Green Lanterns try to stop them and release Red Lantern Vice to help, but Alpha Lantern Chaselon kills Vice.  Then, he is killed, and his alpha battery is compromised.  To save everyone from the explosion, Kyle takes it and flies as far away as he can, taking as many Black Lanterns as possible with him.  When he dies, Guy Gardner turns to rage and becomes a Red Lantern.  Miri senses Soranik’s love for Kyle and uses her powers to revive him, but Guy is still going berserk, having killed Kryb by ripping her arm off and stuffing it down her throat.  Just then, Mogo, to whom Salaak had sent all the rings of the deceased Lanterns, arrives to assist.

     The death of Kyle was absolutely shocking, and even though I had only gotten to know him through this title (and not during his tenure as the only Green Lantern), I was really pissed off.  I’m glad he came back (even though that Star Sapphire power seems a tad too convenient, maybe if they had established it earlier…), and I’m also excited to see just how much his death affected Guy.  And Guy is pretty bad ass as a Red Lantern, able to use both his rings and slashing through hordes of Black Lanterns.  Obviously, the attack on Oa and the previous one on Zamaron were for the purpose of destroying the central batteries to completely wipe out each corps, and with Zamaron already destroyed, Oa can’t afford to fall.  Patrick Gleason’s art in these issues is also superb, though, as usual, his unique drawing style occasionally produces some rather contorted and strange-looking faces.  But what’s more important is that his action scenes are amazing and not at all static looking.  With each panel, I feel like I’m bouncing around along with the characters.  I’ve already made it clear how much I love Blackest Night, and this book is no different.  Peter Tomasi is doing a great job with this companion book, but I only hope there are enough Green Lanterns left at the end for there to be a corps at all.

Plot: 9.4      Art: 9.3      Dialogue: 9.4      Overall: 9.4

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