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The One True Olympian

January 12, 2010

     Believe me, it’s very amusing to see Japanese action figures of Wonder Woman which tend to look very little like her.  And Wonder Woman seems to feel the same way.  While in Japan, Black Canary takes her around Tokyo to enjoy themselves.  In their big match in Roulette and Dr. Psycho’s ring, they face the angry Pele.  But Wonder Woman convinces her of her sincerity and pledges herself to her to make amends.  They manage to capture Dr. Psycho as well and presumably return Sarge Steel to his own body.  When Wonder Woman goes to meet Nemesis, he tells her that their relationship is over.  She ends up beating the crap out of Giganta (who was actually only waiting to go on a date with Ryan Choi, the Atom), but when Pele calls, the two of them run off to stop Achilles and the Gargareans elsewhere.  Alkyone and the Circle hatch a plan to give Wonder Woman to the Cottus, the being that gave her form, using Hippolyta as bait.  They betray everyone, including Artemis and Achilles, and use the power of Genocide that was given to them by Ares.  In the end, both the Amazons and the Gargareans side with Wonder Woman, and the Cottus is defeated and Alkyone slain.  Zeus makes amends for his mistakes, bringing back up the mysterious Ichor that rescued him and the rest of the Greek Pantheon.  Although Themyscira seems safe, and Wonder Woman has returned, Ares stands in the shadows (somehow alive again), having created five children born of Amazons to act as his newest servants.

     Well, I think we can officially say, with that last arc, that Gail Simone’s run on Wonder Woman is one of the best this title has ever had.  She has this intuitive grasp of Wonder Woman’s character, which, as Geoff Johns summarizes in Blackest Night, is that Wonder Woman loves Earth more than anyone else.  She is this inherently good and kind woman with love for all, as well as grace and poise befitting of a princess.  It is these qualities that so endeared the white gorillas, led by Tolifhar, Nemesis, Artemis and the Bana-Mighdall, and now even Achilles and the Gargareans to her.  Unfortunately, her love for Nemesis has ultimately ended their relationship, even though what she did was to save him.  It’s rather sad, since I liked their budding romance.  Even Hippolyta supported it.  I also like Wonder Woman’s newest power, her lightning bracers.  Aaron Lopresti’s art is truly far better than I gave him credit for in the past.  He’s likely going to be one of the big-name artists in the years to come in DC’s stall.  His portrayal of Wonder Woman matches Simone’s scripts perfectly, and both his faces and his action sequences look great.  His design for the Cottus was also particularly chilling.  I don’t know where things will go now that the Amazons and Gargareans are almost like one tribe.  But even though Simone’s plots took a long time to blossom, they have done so spectacularly, so I trust whatever she will do with Wonder Woman to be the right thing.

Plot: 9.3      Art: 9.2      Dialogue: 9.3      Overall: 9.3

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