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Dropping Like Flies

January 11, 2010

     Finishing off Bryan Q. Miller’s three-issue run on Teen Titans, the team continues their face-off against the new Fearsome Five, now featuring members Nano and Rumble.  Shimmer turns a whole building into water, while the former Red Devil rushes to Alcatraz Island to find out why there’s a nuclear signature there (tricked into doing so by the Calculator).  Each of the team members square off, with Traci 13 providing assistance.  Red Devil takes the dying Geiger, trying to get him as far away from San Francisco as possible.  As the team finishes off the Fearsome Five, Miss Martian gets a telepathic call from Red Devil, just before he and the new Titans vehicle explode from Geiger going nuclear.  Wonder Girl freaks out, beating the crap out of Mammoth in anger.  Thus, the framing scene of the funeral is Red Devil’s.  Aquagirl and Blue Beetle get closer, and Wonder Girl tells the team that Eddie has reminded her that they need to find their purpose.  Elsewhere, Calculator forces Kid Eternity to summon his son, Marvin, as he lays chained up in his lair.  In the Ravager backup, Ravager faces off against the businessman’s henchman and manages to beat the crap out of him.  She gets in a snowmobile chase with more of the henchman and gets knocked into a frozen lake, where they leave her for dead.

     All right, I have had enough.  It seems like this title, more than any other, tries to make people take it seriously by one method: killing of its own members.  And of them, both Superboy and Kid Flash have already come back.  But Red Devil?  The second best addition to the team since Geoff Johns revamped the title (best would be Ravager)?  All so the team can find itself again until Felicia D. Henderson stops that by bringing Beast Boy and Raven back?  Feh!  This book needs a real comic book writer again, someone with true talent.  And Bryan Q. Miller has proved to not be that writer.  Fortunately, he is done with his run.  But I loved Red Devil, and both Miller and Sean McKeever have run his character into the ground (literally, in Miller’s case).  I guess I can just take it as a mercy killing after Brother Blood neutered him.  Also, why isn’t the team worried about Kid Eternity missing?  That’s rather mean of them, isn’t it?  And Sean McKeever’s Ravager backup is still boring as hell.  He just does not get how to write a good story about her.  Joe Bennett’s art continues to be way too good for scripts like this, and Yildiray Cinar’s is still a rather boring shadow of it.  I was hoping Henderson would save the team, but with Beast Boy and Raven’s return coming up, I’m worried this title will never recover.

Plot: 4.9      Art: 8.8      Dialogue: 5.2      Overall: 5.0

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