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An Awkward Reunion

January 10, 2010

     Realm of Kings: Inhumans depicts what’s going on during Realm of Kings on the Kree/Inhuman side.  Everyone is mourning the loss of Black Bolt, and Medusa rules in his place.  While on an outlying world, Crystal and Ronan the Accuser watch Gorgon and the Inhuman elite deal with some of Blastaar’s lieutenants.  Medusa believes that Black Bolt was deluding himself with the idea of the T-Bomb, and she hates the way the Inhumans are now, even though Karnak and Maximus try to make her feel better.  Gorgon is getting the Kree people to adore him, but the aristocracy remains a threat.  Maximus makes a little hint that he still has ambitions for the throne, and Crystal and Ronan get attacked by Alpha Primitives in the underbelly of Attilan.  Meanwhile, Devos the Devastator attacks Attilan for its involvement in the War of Kings, and the Mighty Avengers show up to assist.  Gorgon and Medusa aren’t particularly pleased with the assistance, though Wasp and Karnak seem to get along well enough and come up with a plan to defeat Devos easily.  Quicksilver saves Ronan and Crystal, though Crystal has to explain why she called Ronan husband.  Then, as shown in Mighty Avengers, the team returns the Xerogen Crystals, though Luna knows the truth about Quicksilver’s lies.  Elsewhere, we learn that angry aristocrats are behind the Alpha Primitives’ attack, and Triton and Ra-Venn detect Black Bolt’s vocal signature in the Fault.

     Even though Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning weren’t the ones who wrote all the Inhumans’ miniseries from Son of M up till their involvement in War of Kings, they certainly have figured out how they work rather quickly.  I particularly like their use of Karnak, who has always been one of the Inhumans who got less face time.  I also like how they portray Medusa’s extremely angry reactions to what happened to Black Bolt and to the Mighty Avengers’ interference, as it shows just how much she has changed over the last few years.  Crystal and Ronan are the narrative focus of the story, similar to War of Kings, and that still works, as their budding romance (and marriage) seems to be going rather well.  They are quite an odd couple, but they seem quite cute.  I also appreciate Abnett and Lanning’s careful coordination with what happened in Dan Slott’s Mighty Avengers.  Pablo Raimondi is an artistic talent who hasn’t done much recently, so it’s nice to see his work again.  It’s really quite polished, as compared to the art in most of the rest of Marvel’s cosmic line these days, which is a welcome change.  I’m very interested to see what happens here, especially with the hint of Maximus’ revolt in the future.  And what exactly will happen to poor Crystal and Ronan?

Plot: 8.8      Art: 8.8      Dialogue: 8.7      Overall: 8.8

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