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Ancient Egyptian Laser Beams!

December 31, 2009

     This last Thor story takes place shortly after Thor killed Bor and shortly after his exile began.  Thor is feeling all sorry for himself, and he/Donald Blake have gone up into the mountains so that Thor can “heal.”  Seth, a member of the Egyptian pantheon and one of Thor’s old enemies (not related to the serpent god Set), decides to send a pack of his minions to attack Thor in his weakened state, including Grog the God-Slayer, whose hatred of Thor overrides his loyalty to Seth and his good sense.  Grog causes a landslide, and Thor/Blake rescue the people caught in it.  When Blake goes to the hospital to take care of a woman who was in the landslide, Grog follows him there.  Thor gets over his fear of hurting someone with Mjolnir and manages to stop Grog.  Seth shows up to pick up his errant minion and punishes him by removing his hand.

     Well, when I first read this, I thought I was reading about Set, and I was very confused as to where all his trademark snakes were.  It took me a while to figure out who he really was.  This was a rather silly story, since even though Seth was used rather interestingly (I do like it when writers use classic villains again), Peter Milligan’s characterization of Thor was more than just a tad off.  Yes, I understand his reluctance to fight with his full power again, but in this, he just sounds whiny.  Plus, he never uses contractions in his speech, which is something Milligan would have gotten if he would have paid more attention to J.M.S.’s work.  Tom Grindberg’s art was fine, if not particularly exciting, but the past parts were those drawn by Mico Suayan, whose work just looks amazingly statuesque.  But really, this was just an excuse to get Thor fans to buy another comic book, as it was devoid of anything truly meaningful for any character involved or for the Thor mythos as a whole.  And I fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.

Plot: 6.3      Art: 8.5      Dialogue: 5.2      Overall: 5.8

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