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Ronin’s Angels

December 29, 2009

     Continuing from the Dark Reign: The List plot, the newest annual of New Avengers sees the ladies of the team breaking Ronin out a H.A.M.M.E.R. helicarrier.  I will say that there’s a spoiler at the end of this, though it’s nothing you couldn’t have guessed, especially considering another certain comic book that just came out.  Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers try to intimidate Clint into revealing info about the New Avengers, but he refuses to talk. even after getting bitten by Venom.  He does get in a nice quip about the Osborn cornrows, though.  When Mockingbird wakes up the next morning, she freaks out, for good reason.  Spider-Woman, Ms. Marvel, and Jessica Jones all agree to help break Clint out, and we realize that this and the List issue took place sometime after the depowering arc, based on Ms. Marvel’s comment about Luke Cage.  Guess I should have noticed that Cage wasn’t in the List issue.  Mentallo screws with Clint’s mind and gets him to reveal the location of the New Avengers (Captain America’s apartment), and the Dark Avengers move out to defeat the New Avengers.  When they get there, though, they find it empty.  The New Avengers ladies tear apart the helicarrier and rescue Clint, and Osborn gets even closer to losing it.  The New Avengers reconvene at their backup hideout, with Clint in tow, and the original Cap, Steve Rogers, shows up to pose and look authoritative.

     Okay, I have to say that this, combined with the Dark Avengers annual and the epilogue of Captain America: Reborn coming out before Reborn even finishes is rather sad.  It kind of takes away all of the emotion.  I’m well aware that they added another issue to Reborn, and that these issues were planned before that decision.  But they could have pushed the annuals and that one-shot back a month.  However, aside from that, this is a rather uninteresting book.  I mean, it’s well-written and all that jazz.  Brian Michael Bendis is doing good work.  But it seems like the New Avengers have been rescuing their own from the registration forces pre-Secret Invasion and Norman Osborn post-SI a bit too often.  And the confrontations between Dark and New Avengers are a tad too frequent.  Aside from losing Bucky’s apartment, this issue has really very little worthwhile plotwise, since we all knew Ronin was going to be fine.  So again, it was fun, but not particularly important or necessary.  Clint could have been rescued during Siege or something.  Mike Mayhew’s art is quite beautiful overall, though I think his lips occasionally look odd (like Ms. Marvel during the girl-talk), and his Osborn isn’t exactly the definitive look.  I also do have to applaud him for making Jessica Jones look clearly different from the other three ladies, in a time where a lot of characters, especially female characters, look exactly the same aside from hair color and style and their costumes.  This is a fun issue that ties up one loose end and serves more as a New Avengers lead-in to Siege than anything else.  And the preview of Siege at the end is making me excited for Olivier Coipel’s art, if for nothing else.

Plot: 6.3      Art: 9.0      Dialogue: 8.7      Overall: 6.9

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