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Returning to the Fold

August 21, 2009

     Don’t let the cover fool you.  The latest issue of X-Men: Legacy does not feature Ares in any capacity.  However, it does feature Trance, who never made it back to Greymalkin Industries.  Somehow, when Ariel and Onyxx brought her back, her powers interacted with the transportation, and she disappeared.  She landed somewhere in San Francisco, zapped a bunch of H.A.M.M.E.R. agents, and disappeared.  In the present day, Rogue, Gambit, and Danger tear through San Fran to find her.  They find Trance, whose powers are completely out of control.  She’s zapping everything around her.  Elsewhere, Moonstone Ms. Marvel beats up some thugs and flies to intercept Rogue to finish their bout from last issue.  Rogue tries to convince Trance that her power fluctuations have nothing to do with the taser.  Rather, the taser just made her afraid and lose control.  Ms. Marvel shows up and charges right through Gambit and Danger.  Rogue hits her really hard, but she uses up the last of her Ares strength.  Trance gets it together and uses her powers to keep Ms. Marvel from phasing again.  Then, a well-thrown card from Gambit gives Pixie enough time to teleport in and get them out.  Back at X-Men HQ, Cyclops thanks Rogue and tells her that he’s got a plan for winning this battle.

     To be sure, this issue is much better than the snoozefest that was last issue.  However, Mike Carey is just incapable of making Rogue exciting.  She has the power of Ares now, as well as complete and total control over her own powers.  You’d think that would be cool.  But instead, Carey just has her make an analogy between Trance’s predicament and her own former one.  It’s like the big, tough Rogue of the old days is gone forever.  Now, she’s just sort of bland.  She’s got character, but it’s not terribly strong.  He characterizes Ms. Marvel more vibrantly than Rogue.  And I do like that he’s showing her ability to go intangible.  Actually, the only character who oozed with vitality was Ariel, and she was in it for a total of two pages.  This is weird, because he wrote Professor Xavier, Exodus, and other characters so well.  And Dustin Weaver’s pencils are okay at best and just bad at worst.  In some of the fight scenes, his anatomy for Ms. Marvel made it look like she was just a bunch of long, skinny appendages with a tiny torso.  With comics costing more these days, I had to make a choice on some series.  And this was one of the ones that had to go.  I’m interested to see more of the younger X-Men in the new direction for the series, but I just lament what Carey has done to Rogue.  It’s like what Matt Fraction did to a lot of the other X-Men, except without the obnoxiously hip-sounding dialogue.  I’ll save my money for better things, and if I hear good stuff about the series, I might pick it up by trade paperback.

Plot: 7.2      Art: 6.3      Dialogue: 7.9      Overall: 7.4

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