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Her Deception Revealed

August 21, 2009

     The current arc of Mighty Avengers is a massive retcon (my favorite), and this issue continues that trend by introducing a whole new part of Inhuman culture.  In the past, two Tibetan kids wander into the Unspoken’s cave, where he is cultivating Xerogen crystals (huh?) to convince Black Bolt to let him back into Attilan.  One of the kids is killed by the mists, and the other one runs.  The Unspoken hears Attilan above him fly up to the moon, and he realizes that he is too late.  In the present, he has a temper tantrum and uses his powers.  Quicksilver calls the Avengers to ask for help, but the “Scarlet Witch” turns the monitor off.  Stature sees her, but the Witch uses a spell to prevent her from saying anything.  The team decides to temporarily split up while they consider if this team arrangement will be permanent.  The People’s Defense Force reveals that they are fine, and they start attacking U.S. Agent and Quicksilver for invading Chinese soil.  Ban-Luck manages to stop them from fighting.  Vision and Stature gather the Young Avengers to explain what’s been going on, and Wiccan summons the “Scarlet Witch,” who is very angry.  Unbeknownst to them, Ronin is watching in the rafters.

     With these parallel plots, one is definitely better than the other.  The entire Unspoken retcon, which now involves some other mysterious kind of crystal and mutation, is just silly and unnecessary.  I have yet to be convinced that the Unspoken is a compelling character, since he is neither sympathetic nor delightfully evil.  He’s just kind of there.  However, the Stature/Young Avengers/Scarlet Witch storyline is very interesting, since the idea of Loki pretending to be the Scarlet Witch is very interesting, and her repeated clashings with Stature are likewise interesting.  This is still a solid issue, and even the fight with the People’s Defense Force is interesting.  Especially showing Collective Man’s strength.  I just wish that this series’ first really epic arc didn’t have to revolve around a bad idea and a bunch of cameos.  It makes it feel like Dan Slott doesn’t think that it can stand on its own.  I also wish that he didn’t always collaborate with Christos Gage, since Gage tends to dilute Slott’s writing skills.  Khoi Pham’s art also suffers this issue, especially near the end.  All in all, this is the weakest of the three major Avengers titles.  It makes me wonder if a traditional Avengers series really can exist in this day and age.

Plot: 8.4      Art: 8.2      Dialogue: 8.2      Overall: 8.3

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