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Very Limited

July 15, 2009

     For some reason, the Final Fantasy video game series has yet to successfully adapt itself to the big or little screens, aside from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.  Final Fantasy Unlimited was their only attempt at making an anime series.  Years ago, off the coast of Japan, a giant energy pillar appeared.  Two dragon-like creatures come out of it and begin fighting, and they quickly destroy each other.  The Pillar acts as a portal to a world called Wonderland, where all sorts of strange creatures live.  In the present day, the Hayakawa Twins, Ai and Yu, head into Wonderland in order to find their missing parents, who went there to study.  They meet Lisa Pacifist, a woman trained in a kind of martial arts called Kigen Jutsu, Chobi, a chocobo who gives Yu a feather that allows them to communicate, and Makenshi, a swordsman with a mysterious past.  They also meet a great warrior named Kaze, who bears a weapon called the Magun, which allows him to summon powerful beasts.  There, they fight the servants of Earl Tyrant, a little boy who controls the entirety of Wonderland.  Along the way, they make many friends, including the entirety of the Comodeen resistance group, and discover the truth about Wonderland.

     This series is SNOOZY.  For one, the vast majority of the locales that Ai, Yu, Lisa, and the gang visit are just certain stereotypical spots in RPGdom.  There are basically no towns and no civilizations, and the only interesting people they ever interact with are either the Earl’s servants or the Comodeen.  Or the two weird old Chocobo ladies.  Ai is an extremely rude and obnoxious little girl who is very difficult to like, and Yu is far too passive.  The likable main characters are Lisa and Kaze, the latter of whom does the majority of the fighting.  Earl Tyrant is admittedly an interesting villain, but most of the time, his subordinates are so laughably incompetent that it’s a wonder he ever became ruler of Wonderland.  Then there’s the mystery of Chaos and Omega, two extremely alike, destructive entities that are barely distinguishable from each other.  The art is so-so, but really, the only character who consistently looks cool is Kaze.  In fact, he’s the only consistently interesting character, and he normally ignores everyone.  The Magun is a cool concept, but it’s extremely awkward looking too.  So, all in all, this is a boring show.  The characters are under par, the story needs a lot more explaining (there isn’t even a proper ending), and the music and art are forgettable.  I warn even hardcore fans of Final Fantasy away from this.  It’s a so-so anime, but it’s one of the worst Final Fantasies ever.

Story: 4.3      Artwork: 5.6      Soundtrack: 4.6      Acting: 8.8      Overall: 4.9

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