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Two Hamburgers Would Be Nice

July 14, 2009

     The battle between green and orange, with little splashes of blue and violet, comes to a close in the last pre-Blackest Night issue of Green Lantern.  Agent Orange gleefully places the blue ring on his finger and notices that his stomach is, at long last, no longer hungry.  However, that was all just a vision, and Hal Jordan’s arm is indeed still attached to his body.  The two then begin to fight, with Jordan creating his own corps made purely from the power of his ring.  Fatality tries to convince John Stewart of the power of love, but Stewart doesn’t buy into it.  The Orange Lantern Corps disappate as the fight between Jordan and Orange heats up, and the Guardians of the Universe use this opportunity to burst into Larfleeze’s inner sanctum.  Jordan grabs Larfleeze’s orange lantern and is battered by messages and feelings of greed.  This makes Larfleeze even angrier.  Things don’t look too good until Jordan finally says something sincere to his blue ring, which turns it on, draining Larfleeze’s power.  The ring then flies away, heading back to Odym and the Blue Lantern Corps.  The Guardians ultimately decide to make a second deal with Larfleeze, offering him the Blue Lantern Corps and the chance for a blue ring.  Meanwhile, Ash and Saarek find the Black Lantern battery and a pair of giant, decaying hands that cry out for flesh.  And Hal ponders a mysterious vision that the blue ring gave him…

     All right.  I’ll finally admit that it would be nice to see more of the same kind of earth-shattering revelations that we see in Green Lantern Corps in this series.  Right now, the two series do seem rather uneven in that regard.  Nonetheless, this series has still been crucial to the buildup to Blackest Night, since it’s given more of a spotlight on the new corps that Green Lantern Corps.  Larfleeze is definitely my favorite of the new characters that Geoff Johns has brought in, despite my personal preference for the Blue Lantern Corps.  He’s so creepily interesting.  And in some ways, I’m cheering him on in the upcoming struggles.  I can’t say I want him to decimate the Blue Lantern Corps, but I want him to survive Blackest Night.  Johns has really outdone himself by making such an awesome new character.  Philip Tan continues to be the weakest artist in the Green Lantern arsenal.  He’s good with freaky things, like Larfleeze’s face, but he’s not so good with things like human anatomy and faces.  It makes me long for the work of Ivan Reis, Ethan van Sciver, Doug Mahnke, Shane Davis, and Patrick Gleason.  Fortunately, this is his last issue, so we don’t have to worry about that any more.  Eddy Barrows, on the other hand, draws some beautiful stuff in his few pages at the end of the book.  I particularly like his rendition of the Blue Lantern Corps.  Now, all the preparation is over.  The Blackest Night is here.  And I don’t think I’ve been looking forward to a crossover/event this much… possibly ever.

Plot: 9.2      Art: 8.8      Dialogue: 9.4      Overall: 9.2

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